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    super thin jon boat

    I have been on small Jon boats that seem flimsy like you are describing, never had a problem with them. We were fishing calm lakes, don't know how well they would hold up in current and hitting rocks, I consider them to be pond boats.
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    Crypto experts on board?

    Jim, I hate to tell you this, but you missed THE BIG MOVE! Bitcoin apparently started at .0008c a share and went to over 60K a share and is now down to under 20K a share, Personally, I wouldn't touch it with a 100' pole and good luck to anyone who dabbles in it! I realize this is an old post...
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    Maybe bowfishing

    I found out that by shooting a lighter draw weight target bow on a consistent basis would help me when it came to drawing the heavier hunting bow, you are using the same muscles and keeping them exercised. I'm now 75 and went to the crossbow, it's been quite a while since I shot my Jennings...
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    MV-16 Tracker Parts

    GOOGLE-Bass Tracker boat parts, looks like there are a few sources, and it looks like Great lakes Skipper even has a catalogue available, I needed a capacity decal for a Tracker 1654 FB and Bass Pro had it available, THE PRICE WAS INSANE, thought I would just mention that just in case!
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    Has anyone ever swapped decals to make their 25HP a 20HP?

    I would think the serial numbers would not be the same. A lot of people put 9.9 decals on 15 hp. Mercury outboards here in Pa. for use on 9.9 hp. restricted lakes, it took a while for the PFBC to get wise enough to start looking at serial numbers instead of the decals. Your choice, you may...
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    Has anyone used an underwater drone to fish?

    Before drones, I saw where they used RC controlled boats to run lures into certain areas that were restricted for regular boats to enter.
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    Looking for aluminum sheeting

    Ask/check around, there may be an industrial salvage yard somewhere in the area that you can buy it from at a reasonable price. If you know anyone who works at, or owns, a small business where they order metal fabricating materials, they may be able to order it in for you at a discount if they...
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    That's cool, put it on e bay, someone may pay really good money for that! I had boards cut by a portable sawmill, I was amazed at some of the unique designs on some of the wood, especially where the knots were.
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    Got a new airboat!

    I think you'll be all right as long as you only go downriver! :lol:
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    What size metal for seating brackets?

    Yes, why not just keep the seat you already have. One thing that is a "MUST" with those clamp on seats, MAKE SURE that the part that clamps on cannot shift by securing it to the bench or you may go overboard in the blink of an eye!
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    Leaded Aviation Fuel?

    I haven't bought it in awhile so I don't know, last time I talked to someone about it I think they said it was over $6.00 a gal. If I wanted max performance, with timing advanced, etc., I would probably have to run it all the time, but with the motor tuned back to factory specs. and mostly a...
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    Leaded Aviation Fuel?

    Here in Pa. you can legally pump it into containers for "OFFROAD USE" since it doesn't have a highway tax included in the price. I don't know about boat motors, but I do know that the 100 LL works pretty good in my 427!
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    Old Spinning Reels

    I've bought them in excellent condition anywhere from $2.00 to $30.00 at flea markets and yard sales, I have a NIB Zebco C-4 and a NIB Abu Garcia C-4X that I bought from stores years ago, that C-4X,for whatever reason. seems to brings come good $$$$$ on ebay.
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    Old Spinning Reels

    ZEBCO Cardinal 3 or 4, some prefer the ABU GARCIA 3 or 4, but I like the Zebco's. One thing about the Zebco Cardinal 3's and 4's, there is a design flaw in the spools and the front "WILL SEPARATE", you would need an aluminum spool to make them totally reliable for years, if you use bigger reels...
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    New boat

    NICE! That 1652 should be plenty stable.
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    Annoying Cold

    Off topic but: get Sawyers permethrin and spray your clothing with it anywhere a tick would gain access to your skin. Ever since I started doing that for turkey hunting and archery hunting I have never had a tick on me.
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    Best way to mount this?

    I think I would do something similar to what Dalett suggested. Once you can gain access to the underneath of the deck there are ways to get in there with tools if needed, A nut can be held in place in a wrench using duck tape, a washer can be held on top of the nut using grease or glue, a...
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    Selling To A Private Party

    I just assumed that a notary would be needed in order to do a title transfer, I think everything I ever bought or sold involving a title had to be processed through a notary's office, might be different in your state.
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    Selling To A Private Party

    I would say a cashier's check also. and like Jim said said, no title transfer until it clears,I read somewhere that even a cashier's check can be modified, seems like nothing is foolproof anymore. If the purchaser is coming any distance maybe go to your bank first to confirm the check, hand them...
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    Adding Gunnel Track to Inside of Gunnel...?

    Just thinking :idea: , maybe another option If the track is aluminum,, it could possibly be welded on. It would be permanent but no holes and should be plenty strong,