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    Price of used depth finders?

    i have the garmin striker4 LOVE IT. lots of tech for short money
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    Polar Kraft

    i would put a kneel guard on if older model starcraft has a riveted kneel and a roller on trailer not a good fit for the guard.
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    Old gas---what to do?

    i would try everything under the sun not to run that old gas through the motor ,would be concerned about fouling plugs and carburetor. i have taken old gas and mixed it in my car gas tank to get rid of it.
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    when the lock down is lifted,will out of state people be welcomed back?
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    i am getting the boat ready.with fingers crossed ,
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    will there be a vacation,boating season this year?
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    New Utility V Boats

    a flat floor gives you more usable space,a 16 foot boat trailers like a 14 foot boat and gives you more room
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    looking for the big one

    hi all, im planning a fishing trip to lake umbagog in new hampshire second week of july. looking for tips on how to fish this lake. will be launching boat from south end of lake thx
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    damaged prop

    hi all im on the first week of a three week fishing vaction. i dinged the prop of my 05 ,25hp 4 stroke merc outboard. was to windy on the lake today to see what effects the damage prop will have. looking for feedback on how to proceed would like to leave boat in water and repair prop after...
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    patch repair

    thx great white when the season is over will do that
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    patch repair

    hi all, I have a hole in my alum boat through a previous patch. I bought a marine rx epoxy repair kit which I think the boat shop used for the first repair. any ideas how I should prep the area? should I try to chip off the patch? or just rough up and go over. boat on trailer plenty of room
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    Newbie pondering tinboat and saltwater...

    there is a great post on this subject either last month or june lots of pictures
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    Newbie with a salty question

    I think a boat used only in fresh water helps keeps the value of the outfit up. if you decide to sell down the road