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    points gap: .020 feeler vs ohm multimeter?

    One last thing, before I crawl back into my burrow and continue to hibernate: ALWAYS set the point gap/dwell FIRST, then set the timing. Point gap/dwell affects the timing but the timing does NOT affect the point gap/dwell. THEN adjust the carb. It's easy to want to "touch-up" the carb setting...
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    points gap: .020 feeler vs ohm multimeter?

    I "think" that you are talking about two different parameters. The .020/.022 gap setting, determines the dwell. The time the points are closed, which allows the current to flow into the coil and saturate the windings. The ohmmeter is used to determine the exact time of opening, setting the...
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    1958 Johnson Superseahorse garage find recovery

    All of this discussion of old Mercurys got me thinking and remembering. Does anyone recall the old odd "Direct Reverse Mercury"? To go in reverse, the engine actually stopped and and the timing shifted for the engine to run backward? Somewhere in my cloudy memory, I remember seeing one.
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    Sealing bolt holes in transom ?

    Stainless steel is offered in several classes, most common are the 300 and 400 series. 300 is nonmagnetic and more stain resistant, but softer and can not be hardened. 400 is magnetic, not as stain resistant, but harder and stronger. Most of the SS measuring tools, calipers, micrometers ETC are...
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    what size motor

    Thanks Pappy, the electric shift has all of the harness and control box, the switch end is bad, but an aftermarket switch has been adapted. As I recall, (it's been awhile) I even have the steering, push pull cable control. One of the 35s, is electric start and I have all of the harness for it...
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    what size motor

    Is there even any market for the old JohnnyR/udes anymore? I've got a couple of late 50s era 35 horse, and a 63 40 horse electrashift, that were to be used on a couple of boats, that have long since left the building.