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    Painting An Aluminum Boat

    I used automotive epoxy primer and base coat clear coat paint on the top surfaces. I used epoxy primer and single stage enamel on the hull. I painted my boat 5 years ago and it still looks fresh.
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    1995 Mirrocraft MV 860 NEW to me

    Awesome job.
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    Broken Transom Support Bracket

    Myself, I would just get it welded.
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    Paint Brand Recommendations

    I used PPG Delfleet Essential on my hull. I sprayed it though. It may not roll or brush on very well. It is very durable. Some swear by Rustoleum or Tremclad. I don't use those brands because the automotive grade paints I use will cause the Rustoleum to wrinkle if a repaint is needed years later.
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    Rivet repair screw up — Polarkraft 169fs

    Use of a carriage bolt without the square shank would work
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    60’s crestliner?

    I am not disagreeing with Jim. On my 1962 AceCraft the serial number is 1862. The 18 is length and the 62 is the year built 1962. I assume there are more AceCraft boats with the same serial number because the company would build more than one boat per month. What year did the manufacturers have...
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    Advice on bad brazing

    I agree with zekepa's suggestion
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    Transom replacement

    I used 3/4" Birch plywood. It has no imperfections. I used West System epoxy and epoxied the two sections together to get the 1 3/4" thickness I needed. Slid it into a vacuum bag set at 750 psi for 12 hours to cure. Next I cut it to shape and double coated epoxied the edges. Slid it into the...
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    Sears Gamefisher vintage

    Share a picture of it.
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    Jack Frost art

    That is a nice picture.
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    Re: 16' - 1978 Starcraft Supersport

    Last August I sold a project 1985 16 foot Crestliner, 1989 Johnson 48 SPL and trailer for $1200 Canadian dollars. The boat needed a windshield and a complete interior. The boat had been stripped to bare plywood floors. The motor ran awesome. The trailer needed lights.
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    Bass Pro Shops Rod Tote

    I only have three fishing rods that I use all the time. My rod tote is a modified plastic gun carrying case. I cut the foam where the reels seat.
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    Older 12’ Duranautic - Advice on some mods needed (1st project)

    I owned a 12 foot Springbok years ago. I just made drop in floor boards as suggested by weldorthemagnificent. They worked well.
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    Where to buy a trailer

    Could you order a trailer from a boat dealer?
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    '17 Tracker Grizzly 1448 MVX Cover

    Have you considered shrink wrapping for this winter and have a fitted cover made in the spring?
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    Tempering Expectations - How much water is too much?

    My 1976 Starcraft Mariner never had any leaking rivets. It developed a crack that ran along the hull for about 18 inches so in 2015 I retired that boat. My current boat, a 1961 AceCraft runabout, has no leaks, rivets or otherwise. I think I am just extremely lucky that no rivets leak. Some of...
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    Replacement boat seats.....good ones.

    I had the same problem. I had the local auto upholstery shop replace the foam with automotive foam. Made my ten year old seats like new again. That was two years ago.
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    Carpet and deck

    Did you replace the carpet on the console? Maybe something is in the way not allowing the console top to seat properly on the console bottom.
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    A couple quick questions

    I always use my transom saver on my 60 horse motor whether I am towing it a half an hour or towing it for seven hours. I install my 8 horse in the parking lot where the boat ramps are. The 8 horse is only on my boat when I use the boat
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    Which paint for transom?

    I replaced my transom wood in October. I used West system epoxy resin. 2 coats of epoxy resin. Sanded. Applied 2 coats of automotive clear coat. Then installed it. I used automotive base coat/clear coat to paint the rest of the boat. Way back in 1986 I painted my Starcraft with single stage...