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    Removing T&T 2000 40HP Johnson

    After a LOT of Oxy acetylene torch finally got both top and bottom out. Thanks for suggestions
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    Removing T&T 2000 40HP Johnson

    It’s leaking badly at the ram Before that it struggled to raise the motor And yes it was full There’s a company here in Florida that rebuilds them for about 450 bucks I had the LU rebuilt recently and the power head redone prob 10 yrs ago after an overheat so it’s worth it to me to do this I...
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    Removing T&T 2000 40HP Johnson

    Thx Pappy. It's been running slow so want to get it completely rebuilt. I'll work towards getting a torch.
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    Attaching Seat Swivels to a foamed bench seat

    I cut a 4" access hole on the front/back of the seat, removed enough foam to get my hand in there and put screw on/push on access plate This way you can add some big fender washers and lock nuts. I actually used 1/8" Al bar stock long enough for 2 of the bolts, so one on each side. I did this bc...
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    Riveted Boats - Pros/Cons Leaky?

    If u find a a riveted one and you are unsure about it leaking or not or if it DOES leak, u can simply pains some steelflex on the bottom to seal any leaking rivets. I have both. a 16 tracker welded and a 14 starcraft riveted jon for duck hunting. (no stumps near me) I've used both in saltwater...
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    Removing T&T 2000 40HP Johnson

    Any suggestions on getting the top pin out that the T&T rotates on. Yes I removed the cotter pin on the starboard side. I also cut out a little of the bracket on the starboard side for easy access to the pin with a punch I had a slide hammer, air hammer guns, 4lb hammer w a big punch, heated...
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    everything steelflex

    Well after reviewing all these pages and posts here and in a lot of other forums I put the steelflex superslick on the bottom on my 14x36 jon boat w pods. Prepped everything per all the posts. I got my 4" foam rollers and per one post I read (don't remember who but thanks a LOT) I got a 10"...