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  1. crazymanme2

    Jet ski motor recommendations?

    I'd rather stick with the non-power valve engines & no cat
  2. crazymanme2

    Jet ski motor recommendations?

    I'm building a jet jon also and looking at the 1200 yamaha motors (135) go big or go home.
  3. crazymanme2

    Show us your Motorcycles

    2010 Honda Fury
  4. crazymanme2

    Baking Soda Flush

    I usually put a few drops of Dawn dish soap in my bulge before I go fishing to slosh around & keep things clean. Works great for me
  5. crazymanme2

    How to know when you are old

    Here's your Buick Jim Ya that's mine
  6. crazymanme2

    Any pilots, or wanna be pilots on here?

    I studied back in 1999 to get my fixed wing pilots license, but in 1992 I built a hot air balloon which I got my commercial license in. My balloon is the silver one in center of pic
  7. crazymanme2

    1963 Merc 1000 repair troubles

    You need to look at a manual to see how to set timing. Those motors have a timing belt under the flywheel. Good luck
  8. crazymanme2

    Twisted Prop Shaft

    I use to race those motors. They have a chrome bore & are usually not rebuildable A good motor will have 130 # + compression
  9. crazymanme2

    Recommended fuel hose assembly?

    I second the OMC primer bulbs
  10. crazymanme2


    To one & all Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. :D
  11. crazymanme2

    1990 20 hp Mercury

    I've had good luck with the old Mercs with no problems from the tiller-shift mechanism. The electronics can be hard to trouble shoot if not familiar with them.
  12. crazymanme2

    Any tinboaters from Michigan?

    What part of Michigan Rich. I live between Holland & Grand Haven couple miles from Lake Michigan.
  13. crazymanme2

    Running outboard without lower unit?

    Yes you can run it without lower on with water hooked up to it, done it before. Don't turn water on all the way,remember the size of the copper tube compared to your hose.
  14. crazymanme2

    Mercury 200

    The electronics can be a bit tricky some time but other than that they are good motors. I have a couple of that vintage.
  15. crazymanme2

    First descent of a Jet boat down the Upper Gully

    That's insane. =D> I have kayaked the upper & lower Gully.
  16. crazymanme2

    July 2017 Member monthly Giveaway

    Congrats! =D>
  17. crazymanme2

    July 2017 Member monthly Giveaway

    in Thanks for the chance Jim =D>
  18. crazymanme2

    Should I buyt his 25 HP motor?

  19. crazymanme2

    Should I buyt his 25 HP motor?

    The end that connects to the motor is different, which you could change.