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    Spinning Reel recommendation UNDER $75?

    I recommend sticking with brand name or store branded reels. The store brands are usually made by a brand name company. My top preferences for freshwater are Shimano and Daiwa, although there are many others worthy of mention. The best recommendation I can make for selecting a spinning reel is...
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    Montgomery Ward Sea King

    Very cool! 8) I had only gone out on the boat once with my grandfather when I was very small. If my grandfather wasn't at work, he was working in the garden. He took me and my brother out fishing on occasion, but never in the boat. By the time he reached retirement age and had time to enjoy the...
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    Montgomery Ward Sea King

    Thank you! You have a nice looking boat build as well. I thought about steering wheel options, but decided to keep things simple. I just finished the deck area between the middle and rear bench. The front deck will be a bit more involved because of the battery box, etc.
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    Montgomery Ward Sea King

    I have an old 14', 60" beam Montgomery Ward Sea King. It was my grandfather's boat. The boat has not been on the water since the mid 1970's. It started out with the rotten wood and worn out paint. The transom and one of the bench seats actually had ants living in them. For new wood, I used...
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    1960 Arkansas Traveller mod/restore?

    I am adding a post for my old boat. It will be my maiden post in the site as well. Look for the Montgomery Ward Sea King. It's a little bigger than your boat, but the layout is similar. Hopefully some of my ideas will help you. Craigslist is a great resource for accessories, but you won't find...