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  1. FishingBuds

    want to paint my jon boat.....advice needed..

    I used marine paint from my local army surplus store, still holds up! Of course I went camo, is there another color? Lol Remember you must paint very soon if you sand on aluminum
  2. FishingBuds

    Heating & air question

  3. FishingBuds

    Heating & air question

    My old outside condenser was changed out and I have a guy who wants this old unit, but he needs to know the tonnage of the unit, so what I got, It is a 1990 williamson and the number is 7420-24-2061, I was told 2 1/2 ton but I have another guy saying it's only a 2 ton unit? Not confident now...
  4. FishingBuds

    Anyone pour their own soft plastics?

    Yea, been pouring and making own rods as well. This year haven't need to pour, I have plenty but its now getting low so will be at it in 2014 during the winter, a pic of some baits i did in the past
  5. FishingBuds

    Going electric

    all electric here on 1436, and I had same concerns as you do in the beginning. For one, to keep a healthy battery it must be charged, so get a trickle charger ( I prefer a on board ) either a 1 bank for 1 battery or 2 banks if you want 2 batteries and so on. back in 2008 I bought these 1...
  6. FishingBuds

    my 1436 build

    Thats an awesome job! appreciate the cost analyse!
  7. FishingBuds

    Transom redo: 3m or silicon?

  8. FishingBuds

    O" "Possum" died

    George Jones he recorded more than 150 albums has left us. RIP :cry:
  9. FishingBuds

    Captain Ahab just got a new boat!

    which one pulls which?? lol
  10. FishingBuds

    Outside dents

    closer pic of the damage will help, but from that pic, if nothing is ripped you should be able to use a body dolly and hammer to straighten out the damage and then sill it up at the top seam. I would put a brace on the corner either way.
  11. FishingBuds

    would this work for replacing wood flooring/decking ???

    I sprayed on Thompson sealer on my deck boards and nothing else, thats been 5yrs ago. They are still as strong as the day I put them in, I take them out 2 to 3 times a season to clean the boat out, no water stains, no rot no nothing-everything is still on my boat build from the day I finished...
  12. FishingBuds


    Glad the deal failed cause the perks wasnt starting off good, like yesterday when I was fishing in their tank at BPS I complained to the manager that I had to constantly tell the on lookers to be quit that they were scaring the fish away! Lol
  13. FishingBuds

    Are the Wal-Mart batteries decent?

    I have a maxx series Walmart battery since 2008, I make sure to keep it fully charged, it's been just fine!
  14. FishingBuds

    1436 front deck framing - - - - - - - - - - NEW PICS PAGE 2!

    You can click my boat link to get an idea how I did my 1436. Still holding together, have not had to fix anything still yet!!
  15. FishingBuds

    First shotgun for a youngster

    Some years back I went into my LGD to buy a youth shot gun for my son for hunting. The owner gave me advice on something else and why, so I started my son at 9 with a NEF youth muzzle loader, this way I was able to start off small with the grain load for my son. started off with 50grns, let...
  16. FishingBuds


    I seen the story on My local news, they claimed it can not be fixed unless you go thru the FBI center web page, because the FBI has kept this thing from spreading by using servers, to which they are shutting down now is to why you need to go on the FBI web page to see if you have the virus and...
  17. FishingBuds


    Do you believe the story going around about the malware virus that will shut down your intranet by this coming Monday? Only way to fix it is to get on the FBI sight and they can clean it for you?? Seriously?! :|
  18. FishingBuds

    Halo 4

    Oh yea gaming! I'm into the soldier games, COD(black ops) and the Tom Clancy ones as well, been hitting the future soldier one hard the past three weeks! Lol I'm with ya guys on being taken out quick, it usually takes about five games before I can get warmed up, then maybe two more good games...
  19. FishingBuds

    Boat is officially done, Lot's of pic's *Updated*

    Looks great, awesome job. Everything looks slick!
  20. FishingBuds

    North american fishing club rant.

    Ever since forums on line I have dropped magazine subscriptions. But I have been there before where you are at now, I remember one very bad situation with the hunting club, finally after the millionth time they sent something to me i didnt want they never got it back, when they would call I'd...