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    It's just biology, isn't it?

    Yearwood doubles down, saying that he's the 'expert in the room' on this issue. 'Have any of you been to anthropological sites? Have any of you studied biological anthropology? I'm just saying, I've got over 150 years of data, I'm just curious as to why I'm being laughed at,' he said. At one...
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    After 12 years, I've finally moved on

    Nice boat, nice video's. Tell me, why won't your new O/B bounce up if you hit something? Or did I read this wrong?
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    Lug nuts 4 or 5?

    To me it makes it stronger unless the size of the bolt is bigger on the 2 studs.
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    It's just biology, isn't it?

    Well, not to some. Professor doesn't know there's a difference between male and female skeletons. People pay to have him teach, lol.
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    Tornado Warning!

    I hope you have a back up generator and a wood stove, stay safe, don't touch any downed trees that touch wires.
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    Tenn. school shooting

    I fully understand the not wanting things to turn into every day arguments, a forum should be first and foremost informative on the topic it's designed to cover, then should be secondary topics. We must fact facts though, how many small outboard motors can be covered, there's not much innovation...
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    Crypto experts on board?

    That's an excellent approach to take, you took a shot and right now looks like you missed, but no one was standing down wind and how knows, you may hit the target when she circumnavigates the earth.
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    5 planets

    What, no PICS?
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    New Tracker Pro Guide V16SC - Thoughts?

    I can't speak on their products from first hand experience, but like with Bayliner, I don't see them failing any more then other boat brands, I think it's more of the "It's cheap for a reason" mind set. If it's the same grade of aluminum, the welds look good and supports are in place just the...
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    Lug nuts 4 or 5?

    2 seems a little light to me, I'd expect and like 4 as a minimum.
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    Tenn. school shooting

    The new admin of the site contacted me (I assume they contacted most) asking for more input and also what would help pick the site up a little. Looks like a simple post on a current event did just that. Lots of angles and points to speak on. If the admin thinks it's political I suspect they will...
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    Tenn. school shooting

    Media sure plays the narrative differently when it's one of theirs.
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    Suzuki or Tahatsu

    I don't know how handy you are but I'd go with whoever has the best support nearest you. Both good engines IMO.
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    You get gifted an old outboard...

    He lives 100 miles from me, we were coworkers until he retired and he lived less then a mile from me when I had my shore house. I don't have any pics but will pull one offline to show the era if I find one. I'm not going to ask him to pull them out unless I decide to take one or both. Hope this...
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    Twin Suzuki 20s on a 16 ft Sylvan

    This may be way too late of an answer but if your transom is designed for a short shaft you are definitely drawing too much water and that can be dangerous when steering. I'd build up the transom height by 5" and leave it at that. If you have the jack plates I'm sure you'll see a difference and...
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    You get gifted an old outboard...

    I'm not a tinkerer, I don't have the time nor anything more than basic skills. The question really is, run them and run them hard or treat them as if they were to last forever?
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    You get gifted an old outboard...

    Talking with an old friend, he's getting old, too old to do any small boating, he's got 2 older 2S 7.5 HP outboards, one from the mid 70's (Honda) the other I never got the brand but it is certainly from the 60's. These engines have not run for close to 20 years now, however they did when...
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    12foot project. The NX-1236

    Love the detailed rebuild, looks great. I really want to know how that old 10 Johnson moves her along, almost bought one as a kid and wonder what I missed.
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    What is it worth? 25 HP E-Tec

    A guy near me is selling a "Brand New" 2020 25 HP E-Tec, no mention of warranty. It comes with a prop, he's asking $3,500, what do you all think? If one of you would like the details let me know.
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    Evel Knievel edition 1975 Evinrude 15hp

    I had a 74 Johnson 15, it spits water, at full throttle and on a warm day it's a fair amount of water but not like the tell tale stream of an old Merc or todays Yamaha's. Enjoy the hell out of that engine, she's bullet proof, as a kid you do stupid things and I sold mine to pay for car...