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    Water absorbing foam below deck

    So what I'm gathering is, unless I want to re-deck it, I should avoid this type of boat? I would really like an aluminum deep-V for fishing, and occasionally pulling kids on the tube. My budget is under $10k so anything I find is going to be around 20-25 years old it seems.
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    Water absorbing foam below deck

    Hey folks, I'm looking to start a discussion about foam underneath carpeted plywood decks on aluminum boats. A few years ago I bought a 1996 Starcraft in rough shape for $750. Not only were the plywood decks rotted but the foam underneath was completely saturated with water. It was a labor...
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    What size Mod-V Jon boat for a 25HP outboard?

    I'm doing things a little backwards here. I got a great deal on a '92 Mariner (Mercury) short shaft outboard. I would like to purchase a Mod-V Jon boat for this motor to go on. I'm trying to pick the right size boat that this motor will perform well on. Mainly going to use this boat for fishing...