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    Outboard Mounting Bolts - No washers on Transom Bracket Side?

    I just mounte a 125 mercury to my boat and I didn't use any washers on the bracket side of the transom. Big washers are all on the inside. I also have a reinforcement bar on the top inside of my transom to help distribute the load too.
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    Mercury 60HP Bigfoot on Pontoon Prop Pitch

    Most of the Bigfoot engines I've seen came with 4 blade props on them.
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    My 2022 SunTracker 22DLX Thread

    I believe it does but you should research it for yourself. I'm very happy with mine.
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    My 2022 SunTracker 22DLX Thread

    You're going to like the Vessel View. I have it for my jon boat but I splurged and got the black box setup so I wouldn't have to contend with connectivity issues. That thing can do so much it's just ridiculous.
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    What trolling motor upgrade

    I've got to say that the asking price for the Ghost and others is off the chart for what you get and I can't justify the cost. I thought I payed a lot for the Motorguide Xi5 I have but compared to what's being pedaled now it was a bargain. It might have been purchased used but it's been a...
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    Braided vs monofilament/ Sorry I originally posted this in the wrong place

    My bigger rod is about the same as what you're rigging. I do a lot of flat head fishing and get some really good size ones, 50+ lbs.. I use mono on a big bait caster with a clicker. I fish a lot of fast water though, not so much the stuff with a lot of obstacles. I like below spill ways and...
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    Tyvek house-wrap under decking and over pour in foam????

    That's a great idea. I think I'll give it a try on my Mako project when I replace the floor. All the foam will more than likely be replaced at that time.
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    Bow Deck Rubbing on hull - slight detent created

    I'd remove the diagonal brace and leave it out of the equation. Depending on how high the battery sits on the shelf it's now sitting on, I'd put a straight edge across the gunnels and see if you can leave the battery where it is. If it clears I'd mount it where its sitting. You won't gain a...
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    If it were me I'd shop for a 9.9 or 15 for that size boat. Either would make a good fit for it and when you decide to sell it later on there's more people looking for the larger engines versus the 5 horse. Lots of people use them for kickers.
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    Transducer separation from prop wash

    I'd mount the transducer to the side of the plastic as far as I could away from the propeller keeping it away from the strakes as much as I could. You want to keep the one you have now for the FF up front, correct?
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    Cracked ribs in large boat questions

    Did you buy the boat and then sell it again or back away from buying it?
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    Wiring Diagram Symbol

    You're both correct, post #3 shows a diode and the original post doesn't. Now if you want to get picky about it the post was made at 1:21, ha ha ha.
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    Gunwale track

    Have any of you tried using some aluminum "C" channel to sit on top of the gunnels? That would give you a flat surface to work with.
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    Anyone create FRP Board and Polystyrene sandwich for decking.

    Glad it worked out for your application. Too bad it won't work for mine. I've been looking for a suitable replacement or substitution for ACP. I need something that's cost effective, UV resistant, paintable and malleable. I tried out a 4x8 ACP that has a smooth surface that could be painted...
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    Anyone create FRP Board and Polystyrene sandwich for decking.

    .6 lb. per square foot isn't bad for weight. What is the cost per square foot roughly?
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    How much $, is too much $, to put into a small tinny?

    I try to make sure that all the peripherals are something I can use on my next boat, or for that matter share between boats. Batteries, trolling motor and electronics are some of them. I also try to buy a boat that I know can hold its value if possible. Buying the best possible engine setup...
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    Anyone create FRP Board and Polystyrene sandwich for decking.

    And Coosa board is really expensive in the scheme of things. I can see why someone would search for a alternative.
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    Primer bulbs

    I installed a factory primer bulb the other day on my project. I couldn't mount it vertically in the area I have available so horizontal it is. The water seperator had a 3/8 fitting that had to be swapped out for a 5/16, other than that it was good to go. When I get ready to water test the...
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    Anyone create FRP Board and Polystyrene sandwich for decking.

    When you post your results can weigh it also so I can figure the weight of a square foot? I'd appreciate it.
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    Primer bulbs

    I'll have to look at them closer, they're probably there and I'm just missing them.