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    70’s Starcraft 14’ Seafarer “By Golly”

    Good luck and let us know. I've seen where using a jack plate allows for running the anticavitation plate slightly higher than the hull bottom.
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    Help with an unkown 12 ft aluminum vhull

    Removing a bench can cause a hull to flex more than it was meant to. That being said, if all you ever do is travel at displacement speeds (not planing) and 6 HP or under, I say go for it. Not pounding through whitecaps. If rivets are leaking, rebuck them. You can get a tool for this but all I do...
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    How to temporarily fill this gap in my floor/hull seam?

    Piece of PVC corner/baseboard trim from home depot. Just bow it to fit and glue or staple it to the board
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    Buffing out aluminum boat

    You can polish scratched and gouged aluminum with a wheel. The sanding is to smooth out the scratches and gouges so it looks more like a mirror and less like a polished turd. Lol.
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    Lund 14' ssv : hydrofoil?

    No, not enough to worry about. The stability, stern lift, no cavitation while turning and ability to cruise on plane at a lower speed all outweighed top speed. I've had 14 footers that wouldn't plane without one
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    Lund 14' ssv : hydrofoil?

    Had several 14' boats and ended up with hydrofoils on them all. At this horsepower level it doesn't matter which one you use. I've used both stingray and doel fin with equal results. They do everything it says on the package. Stern lift, ability to plane at lower speeds, eliminate porposing...
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    Aluminum boat. Hole repair on a budget.

    On a flat spot like this it's no big deal to buff the JB Weld off with a wire wheel if it's ever to be welded. On a seam or lap joint such as a rib or strake (where it should be welded anyway) it is more of a pain as it's hard to get all the product out of the joint and it does fizzle up when...
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    I've had a couple of Harbercraft boats. A 14 and I currently have a 12' which is a solid deep and wide 12 and rated for 15hp. Far cry from a 12' Sea King I had which was rated for 7.5hp and was sketchy in any chop. Harber made good boats. A 10' is an awfully small boat. Not sure what your usage...
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    Plywood for flooring

    I have had great luck with exterior plywood and Thompson's water seal. My boat is budget with a drop in deck. I see you've chosen epoxy and a floor covering which should look awesome. As with any boat, storage is key. Not under a tree and bow up and plug out! If you keep it well drained, the...
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    2x4 Bunk Covering

    My bunks are just plain 2x4's that I painted with leftover stain from painting the tool shed. Did this in 2018 and it's still good and no ill effects on the boat. 16' Naden. 
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    One man’s junk...

    I hope it's a survivor. As much as I liked how this boat looked, it didn't suit my needs and I moved it down the road. A great one person or two smaller person boat but not for two 225lb plus men and gear. I traded it to my friend for the boat next to it in the beached picture. A larger and much...
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    small/light starting battery options for engine/sonar/lights?

    I imagine a lawn tractor battery would do. I use a small solar panel to keep my battery topped up when out for multiple days.
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    what size motor

    Johnnyrude 35.
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    Aluminum Plate for Transom

    I do this too, it helps spread out the forces. I use 5000 series aluminum if I can get it, currently using 5083 because I had a chunk leftover, 3003 is fine as well. I work at.a welding/machine shop so picking scraps up on the cheap is easy for me. I wouldn't stress over what type of aluminum...
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    Canadian Evinrude worktwin 15

    Thanks Pappy. He got it from a local kid he knows. Apparently has had new coils etc. I was going to take a look to see if the points were gapped correct so I'll check the coils as well. I dig these old motors, just something nostalgic about heading out on the lake with one. Sent from my...
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    Canadian Evinrude worktwin 15

    My son caught a bug from me and came home today with this old Evinrude worktwin in the back of his van. He gave too much for it but it's all about learning. We plopped it in a barrel and it actually ran. Low idle is rough and it will quit. Magneto plate shakes at idle. Once the throttle is...
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    Longer Aluminum Boats

    There is weakness in the heat affected zone with any material. That being said, aluminum is used structurally in many applications. If the weld is placed in an area that is braced well and not as subject to flexing, it should be fine. They make aluminum dump truck boxes and they aren't one...
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    Lithium starting batteries

    While I am still running lead acid batteries, I find this interesting. The weight savings and longevity are attractive for sure. I am no expert but I think there is a gizmo battery management device that goes between your battery and motor that both protects and manages charging as well as...
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    Help with Ward Sea King 12 ft.

    I had one of those and did a freshening on it. Sent from my CLT-L04 using Tapatalk