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    Powertech SRA is an outdated, high rake, bow lifting prop that takes a lot of power to turn it. On a 2 stroke they worked just ok, acceptable. They were fast top end but getting out of the hole was pretty sorry in my opinion. On a 4 stroke, not so much. There are better options now...
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    06 Yamaha 50 two stroke timing way off!

    yup 7 atdc is about right. Plus or minus 2 is fine, perfectly acceptable. First things first though. Need to verify TDC on the pointer is actual TDC on the engine. You'll do this with either a dial indicator or a piston stop. (Google it). You can use a dial through the plug hole on #1...
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    Tohatsu 30hp vs Yamaha F25

    There ain't much difference between the Tohatsu 30 and the F25. 5 hp. But the Tohatsu weighs more, which helps offset some of the 5 additional horsepower. Personally if it were mine I'd look at either reducing weight or redistributing it. Then if you don't already, try a 4 blade prop--you...
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    Mercury 2 stroke 65/45 jet

    how much noise and fuel usage can you put up with? Both are considerations, and even moreso with jets.
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    Concerns About 4 Stroke Weight

    as i suspected you need it to be propped such that at full throttle normal load, you want to be as close (or maybe a hundred over) maximum recommended RPM. Lugging it will make oil, cause overheating, ring and piston carbon fouling, etc. Exactly what I'm seeing in those pics. Might try to...
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    Yamaha manual needed

    i put you on the list.
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    25 Yamaha tiller with power trim!

    factory pt&t while nice has it's limits as you will and are finding out I would have liked to have it too but it wasn't available, unless I ordered a remote motor and put a tiller on it, and in 2017 they were long shaft only (and I need short). So I just hung a CMC on it. Wired in a handle...
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    Shift Rod O-Ring - Part of Water Pump Service?- 2017 Yamaha F25LWTC

    Mine is an F25SWHC, 2018 (basically the same motor). Just did the pump on mine due to some sand ingestion. The o-ring you speak of is not normally part of water pump service. The only time you have to deal with it is if you remove the drive shaft bearing/seal holder assembly (#17 on the parts...
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    Boy oh boy, SeaDek gets dirty!

    we just used hydroturf in ours, because I had it i don't have that issue, it stays clean. Fish slime washes out easily. dunno if its the difference between materials that seadek uses or what? interesting! Thx for posting
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    Yamaha manual needed

    you can keep your two strokes until you can't get no more parts for em I'll keep my 4 stroke and enjoy the lack of fuel usage, quieter operation, and overall better experience. I dug my old 25 2 stroke (3 cyl) out a while back and tossed it on, run it around the lake a little, and as soon as I...
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    When manufactures say 100 gauge...

    yeah a well-known manufacturer (where I bought my boat) advertises .100 ga aluminum. I called him out on it and they changed their marketing. The reasoning is that "gauge" is a term that most people recognize, saying 100 thousandths thick aluminum doesn't mean much to most of the general public
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    Concerns About 4 Stroke Weight

    Pontoons. Yes. They are the hardest on outboards. You need data. What's the maximum RPM with a normal load? It needs to be close to maximum recommended by the manufacturer. Most builders will prop them such that, if say the max is specified at 5000-6000, they'll prop them so that they...
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    Yamaha manual needed

    So you got it running, then took it back apart? Maybe I misunderstood. Still say a manometer is required...I've done them without, F40's and F50's both (LOTS of F40's both 3 and 4 cylinder) but using some sort of manometer to adjust each carb perfectly (+/- 2 inches of mercury) yields a much...
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    Riveted Boats - Pros/Cons Leaky?

    I've never owned a riveted boat that didn't feel like a big flexible metal bucket-especially when running on plane in any chop. I can be sitting in the back running the tiller motor, and any wake, look over the front of the boat and watch is flex. Port to starboard, or vise versa. Or...
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    Mercury jet Outboard 4 stroke

    Probably ECU and impeller but I am not 100%. i would not expect there to be a huge difference between the two, considering it's a jet
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    Center console or stick steer

    No matter where you put the console, it takes up space. Center, you can walk around both sides of it. Side, you can walk around one side, and that side will be wider than if you have center console. Stick steer is great for crappie fishing. You never really have to leave the seat. Us lazy...
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    fuel burn Merc 15hp 4 stroke??

    the prop makes a huge difference in fuel burn rate. If you are under-propped, it'll run against the limiter (and sometimes you never know it), using excessive fuel. If you are over propped, lugging the engine, it'll use a TON of fuel. 4 stroke engines are much more sensitive to propping! The...
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    Are clamp-on swivels any good?

    dad's got a set of clamp-on's in his weldcraft. I wouldn't use them..... In fact, I'm headed to a dealer I used to work for on Tuesday, to pick up some seat mounting extrusion and 2 swivels that fit in the extrusion. Extrusion will get welded onto the boat, and then everything will be much...
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    2020 Yamaha F25 Question

    I used M6-1.0. Screw was a M6-1.0 by about 16mm length UH. It was a torx head, leftover from a Polaris job. Polaris loves torx head screws. I drilled all the way through, easier for me.
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    Help me with 9.9/9.8 choices

    It's my understanding that all of the Mercury outboards smaller than 30hp are Tohatsu built. So basically, they are Tohatsu's with pretty badging. With that said, if you REALLY compare the Yamaha to the Tohatsu, you will see where Tohatsu cut a few corners to save a few dollars. It is less...