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    Personal Best

    LDUBS, That my friend is what I call a TROUT, Congratulations =D>
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    Sunny Day Limit

    Your the trout fishing king =D> Excellent job
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    Perfect Weather, Not so Perfect Catching

    Good job LDUBS =D> , Trouts a tasty meal and pretty finicky.
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    02 28 2018

    Good job NRR
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    Ugly Duckling

    Awesome job GDalk, =D> =D>
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    shotgun shell reloader

    Thank you guys =D> , Im looking real hard, I don't want to buy an expensive loader (yet) until I see if he'll stick with it, till than a Lee will do the trick. I was reading some where that Lee doesn't sell the auto primer do-hickey cause the mold broke.
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    8lb line to small for bass?

    Had to take a little break, I'm back Daddio
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    Most amazing shot ever??

    That's awesome FD, the beauty of Mother Nature, Love it!!!
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    Trailer Hub

    riverbudd, your North River axle zerk is the way to go, all trailers should have that, makes everything easy. Im going to do what you do and grease that inner bearing zerk every couple weeks. The zerk on the inner bearing part of the hub is spot on.
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    Trailer Hub

    CRS, The Zerk is located exactly where riverbudd55 post shows it is, If you still need a picture let me know and I'll make it happen. 14 years without touching the grease zerk tells me the bearing buddy was some how getting grease to the inner seal.
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    Pickerel bite on fire....

    Good job FD, Shes a fatty.
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    shotgun shell reloader

    My sons into shooting, just bought a 12 gage shotgun wants to start reloading his empty casings, I was looking the Lees 2 reloader, Amazon has them for 54 bucks, any good?
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    8lb line to small for bass?

    8 Lb isn't too small, I use 6-8 lb test Mono for my finess presention, 10 lb test for my power fishing (fast moving baits) and 15 Lb Test for Pitching.
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    (May be) A new PR from a few days ago

    Excellent SMDave. South Jersey has had some slobs being caught in the last few Months, looks like its going to a superb season.
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    I am blessed with this little pond in my back yard

    Richg, Nice one bud =D>
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    New Reels

    Took a little Road trip to Atlantic City BassProShops last week to pick up another Shimano CI4 Spinning Reel and the Chronarch CI4 Baitcast Reel. I have the BassProShops Outdoor Rewards Credit Card which I had some money plus a couple BPS Gift cards, anyway after sales tax I paid $176.00 for...
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    Trailer Hub

    I had my trailer since 2002, I had to replace my Grease Seals so I Knocked my bearing buddies off, did the whole 9 yards and to get the old seal off I used the handle of my rubber mallet, fit inside the hub like a glove, two wacks with a regular hammer and out it poped. Im cleaning the hub and...
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    Some cats

    Hey SS, way to get after those cats =D>
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    Random fishing pics

    Sweet pictures jojo :mrgreen: