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  1. Waterwings


    Haven't visited TB in quite some time, but thought I'd throw an entry into the mix :) . Took this shot on 11/19 while I had the boat out on Lake Pee Wee:
  2. Waterwings

    Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

    Checkout Mpix. I've had two photobooks and a 16x20 print done by them. Really good work, quick service, and a good selection of sizes, paper, etc, to choose from. Go Hi-res as mentioned above when submitting your shots to them to process. Prices depend on what you order, such as just a...
  3. Waterwings

    What's some things you need to bring while going fishing?

    Didn't see it mentioned anywhere above, and it's pretty much a given that everyone has one: Cell phone (ensure battery is fully charged), in some type of water-proof container. I put my phone in a standard Ziplock sandwich bag, make sure it's "zipped" closed properly, then stick it in my pants...
  4. Waterwings

    trailering with trolling motor

    I trailer with the rear tm (MK Endura 40) mounted using the typical hand-screw attachments on the motor mount, and haven't had a problem yet. Before leaving the house, or the lake, I raise the tm high in the mount, then tilt it fwd along the deck, tighten the screw locks on the shaft, then take...
  5. Waterwings

    wired 2 fish contest; minn kota talon!

    I'm in! :)
  6. Waterwings

    APRIL PHOTO CONTEST. "Jay 415" is the WINNER!

    Had a spare moment the other day to snap this shot in the backyard. B/W conversion done in Silver Efex Pro 2, so let me know if that exceeds the rules, Chris. No problem here if I need to remove it. EXIF Information: File date: 2012:04:16 21:13:12 Camera make: NIKON CORPORATION...
  7. Waterwings

    TinBoats Twitter - Random posts

    Checkin' in! Been busy as all get-out lately. Wife had surgery in mid-December and was down for 80+ days, so I took off from work (thank goodness for multiple sick days available). Still have a large tarp covering my roof from storm damage that happened on 2 March, and am now dealing with...
  8. Waterwings

    Anti-virus opinions

    We run Norton on this machine and my wife's laptop. I think my subscription ends in about 60 days, and will renew it once again.
  9. Waterwings


    Prayers sent, and sorry for your loss.
  10. Waterwings

    I've been busy.

    15k since January! :shock: . You have been busy. I've had my camera since Dec. 09, and have roughly 3k+ shutter clicks on it. Great shots, and really like the close-up of the Mustang grill. 8)
  11. Waterwings

    Reasons to miss work

    How about, "My wife was gonna get pregnant....................and I wanted to be there when it happened".
  12. Waterwings

    Finally made it to the 20th and 21st Century!

    During the ice storm of '09, we were w/o power for 7 days, cell phones didn't work, but the phone in the hallway still worked.........................just couldn't get hold of anyone locally as they all had their land lines removed and relied on cells. :lol: . We've thought about getting rid...
  13. Waterwings

    Boomerang Tool The Snip

    Nifty little tool. :)
  14. Waterwings

    An oldie but a goodie

    :lol: Good one :)
  15. Waterwings

    Storage Bed Project

    Nice work! 8)
  16. Waterwings

    I finally bought photoshop

    Thanks, Mike. :)
  17. Waterwings

    I finally bought photoshop

    Due to me participating in the WorldWide PhotoWalk 2011 (did ours in Louisville, 1 Oct.), I received an email today from Adobe providing all of the registered "walkers" a $200 discount off of Lightroom 3, making the price $99 :shock: . Heck, there's still a whole bunch of stuff in Photoshop...