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  1. InSaneFisherMan

    Knott Waterproof Hubs

  2. InSaneFisherMan

    Best product to clean electrical connectors

    isopropyl alcohol and acid brush.
  3. InSaneFisherMan

    Suzuki DF9.9 NMEA, Is there any value?

    It is between the fuel filter and the ECM.
  4. InSaneFisherMan

    Guide for wiring boat

    Here is a good source of information on wiring a boat.
  5. InSaneFisherMan

    Sea Nymph electrical diagram

    Agree with LDUBS, get the outboard manual, and guage manuals if possible. Speedometer is probably pitot, volt meter, tach and fuel guage (if installed) are pretty strait forward, trim guage may be specific to enginge. Accessing the guages to see the terminal labels may be the hardest part.
  6. InSaneFisherMan

    A little bit of history

    Nikon D3400 & yes
  7. InSaneFisherMan

    A little bit of history

    tote Is that first photo a mini tank? It does not look as large as the 2nd tank. The 2nd one is a Tiger 1, The first I think is a Panzer 3
  8. InSaneFisherMan

    5 lbs difference

    Also forgot to mention that Suzuki uses a thermal valve in the power trim to provide some protection with an impact while in reverse.
  9. InSaneFisherMan

    5 lbs difference

    Power trim - Impact relief valve.
  10. InSaneFisherMan

    Suzuki or Tahatsu

    Just in case you want to look at the Suzuki setup manual.
  11. InSaneFisherMan

    Suzuki or Tahatsu

    Have a 2016 Suzuki DF9.9BT (electric start, power trim, remote). Never had an issue, and very happy with the motor. Manuals are easy to find, ODBM kits are inexpensive, easy to convert to 20hp, NMEA2K compatible. Only been in the shop once, for intial 20hr service. I would purchase again.
  12. InSaneFisherMan

    suzuki DT8 rectifier

    I don't know much about this engine, but I would connect per the schematic.
  13. InSaneFisherMan

    Aftermarket Outboard Regulator: Charge Current

    May want to check your manual, most do not recommend charging the sealed maintenance free batteries.
  14. InSaneFisherMan

    A little bit of history

    A few pics from a tank Museum.
  15. InSaneFisherMan

    Could this be done?

    The minn Kota manual.
  16. InSaneFisherMan

    Could this be done?

    Looks like a nice unit. It appears to operate very simular to an ACR except it monitors the starting battery for full charge status before charging trolling motor battery. It does have to be wired to a switched key on signal, but some ACR do also.
  17. InSaneFisherMan

    Could this be done?

    To answer your questions? NOTE: This is for lead acid batteries and not using BOTH with a battery switch. Can it be done? Yes your deep cycle can be hooked and charged like a starting battery. Your outboard motor charging system must be compatible with deep cycle batteries. DC batteries have...
  18. InSaneFisherMan

    Could this be done?

    There are lots of reasons to keep batteries separated, but the ACR only puts batteries in parallel when charging or when battey switch is in Both. If using lead acid batteries, I'm not sure the charging cycle would cause any issues to the batteries. I would be more concerned with FF...
  19. InSaneFisherMan

    Could this be done?

    I'm not a fan of ACRs but you may want to look at the Blue Sea System.