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    1961 Grumman 12’ Cartopper - Looking for info

    That WAS pretty sweet! Congrats.
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    Tornado Warning!

    Glad you were safe. I was worried about my daughter in Iowa, but they managed OK -- just some hail.
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    New guy

    Sonny, I greatly admire your determination, and after four lumbar fusions, I have been down that pain road. Best of luck.
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    12foot project. The NX-1236

    Rats. A break in the action. Got crampons for Bryce?
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    12foot project. The NX-1236

    Super appreciate the time you are taking to document your work on the Lowe and share it here. And congratulations on your diligence!
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    1968 Richline Jon to Runabout build

    Quite a metamorphosis! I'll bet the guy you bought it from would be stunned.
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    12foot project. The NX-1236

    Impressed with your industry so far. Painting prep tries my patience, too. Any guess what your bare hull weighs?
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    New member, new project.

    Following. Looks like there is a capable vessel under all the weeds and stains.
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    1987 Bass Tracker Overhaul

    So impressed with your dedication and skills!
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    FREE: 1956 Lone Star Clipper project

    Thanks friend. I know that Texas is possibly the toughest state in the union on titling old boats, and sorry for this, as there is so much boating water in your state.
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    FREE: 1956 Lone Star Clipper project

    I have switched gears and want to build, so need my garage back. This is a restorable 1956 Clipper. Needs new wood, controls, some rivets re-bucked and a couple of small cracks repaired; otherwise, sand, paint and get wet. All I have is bills of sale -- no title, so keep that in mind. If you...
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    Sunflower seeds.....random reason

    I grew those, too, back in Oregon, but was disappointed that very few seeds seemed to have good sized meats in them. Then I discovered Dakota Style Jumbos at the grocery store, and never looked back.
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    What am I ?? do you know ???

    Well, rats. Stuck behind pontoons until spring ...
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    Klamath v. Gregor in 16' Alaskan

    Stump, nothing wrong with a Valco either.
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    What am I ?? do you know ???

    LDUBs -- or the bottom of a Civil War ironclad. Dang that looks tough!
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    thinking about buying a kayak

    Mercy sakes that's a big cat! Well done! 8)
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    The Dock Key....great idea....I just bought one.

    That's just really clever.
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    What am I ?? do you know ???

    Still can't get over the "Jules Verne" vibe with this fascinating hull. Almost expect Captain Nemo himself to step out onto the deck! :D
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    Gregor Baja/alaskan 16

    They had a good reputation back home in the Northwest for being a tough boat that runs pretty dry. I have rented Gregors but never owned one. I liked them.
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    What am I ?? do you know ???

    Glad this old ship is in caring hands again. Looks like it has so much potential. I'm not surprised it is turning heads. If you replaced the front windows with oversized goggles it would look like a Steampunker's dream! :LOL2: