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    1978 Starcraft 14ft

    Picked up another boat to work on as im at a stall waiting on title for my 12ft Starcraft. Not droppin money until thats settled. This boat is good and registered til 2026 and title for boat and trailer in hand so the work began.
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    Large drain hole through transom

    looks to me like someone modified a thru hull fitting for a drain it would be easily swapped out as its threaded on and siliconed. i would get a new one.
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    Also got new table for my portaband
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    Back from vacation. Transom coming along. Bout to start aluminum framing this week. Start a practice run. Routing channels to run the aluminum in the bracket thats there for benches too.
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    Got a 1448m on the way this weekend haha.
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    Add Trim and Tilt?

    marine tech panther has power trim tilt for under 700
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    Trim and tilt vs Jack plate

    i just found a company that makes power trim tilt plate for under 700 bucks i may be going that route myself after my builds done
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    Hydro-Turf Discount

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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    Didnt have much time before work today but i cut some runners for the benches. Still plan to deck the front portion of the boat but i will be using them to help with framing and whatnot. the kids enjoyed the progress though. still gotta figure out/ mod the trailer to better fit the boat or...
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    its a 2003 electric start and it runs like a top. was offered 1400 b4 i even had it home.
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    heres the motor i picked up for $300 bucks after wheelin and dealin
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    picked up some epoxy resin and had benches cut today on my way to work. im goin to fit the benches then use them to mount angle on and assist in reenforcing my mounts/deck
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    lots of stuff still to come. gonna marry the black up to the bottom of the red and the top outter edge next then finish the interior paint so i can start the deck mods.
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    Seacraft 12ft full remodel

    I began looking for a boat on Fb and had a friend reach out. He had an old boat laying in his driveway that had been collecting algae and grass clippings and what not. After a quick look over I accepted the task and here is my current progress. I quickly began looking for motors to pair up with...