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    Boat For Sale Selling my 1957 Nelson 18' aluminum beauty

    I remember when Troy from Monatana owned this boat. It's a rare one for sure.
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    Ark. Traveler rebuild

    1" doesn't sound correct for total transom thickness. If it is, it could easily be thicker as motors will usually fit up to 1.75 or 2 inches.
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    Ark. Traveler rebuild

    Alumacraft used white oak. Feathercraft used mahogany. I use mahogany or sapele. The plywood I had a bad experience had been thoroughly sealed. I'll never use plywood again.
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    Ark. Traveler rebuild

    I'm surprised to see plywood being used. I did a transom with exterior ply and it lasted about three years and had fungi growing out of it.
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    I'm a Grommet here. This is the boat that drew me in to the Forum. Found it up in Montana. I haven't been able to find out what it is.

    Sure looks like a Heating Assurance that a fellow named Troy has posted before. He's in Montana. Here's a Crestliner Voyager 18 hard top I picked up last fall. They do look a lot alike but also have major differences.
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    Stripers on Lake Lanier

    That's fishing!
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    So this holocaust survivor dies of old age and goes to heaven. He meets God and tells God a holocaust joke. God says: That’s not funny. The holocaust survivor says: I guess you had to be there.
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    Primer bulbs

    Primer bulbs work best when vertical.
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    67 Evinrude 18 modified to a 25 ?

    I believe there are internal engine differences between the 18 and 25 hp OMC's.
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    Cable/pulley steering vs rotary ?

    On most of the Feather Craft boats with the tumblehome design there is not much room for the UFlex over Teleflex type systems. I've seen a few cases of hackery performed to make them fit. You can't inspect for wear in the closed systems, as far as I know. Make sure all eye pads are attached...
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    2020 Tohatsu 50 Bad performance, Is It My Prop?

    The tach only needs a 4 stroke setting. It doesn't matter the number of cylinders as it is only counting the 'sparks' on one cylinder.
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    V-Boat to Flats Skiff Conversion

    Do you have any 'before' photos?
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    2020 Tohatsu 50 Bad performance, Is It My Prop?

    That prop looks to be about the equivalent of worrying about how your pickup truck handles with a flat tire.
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    In the market for a new outboard

    We are seeing a lot of the Tohatsu 30 hp with tilt/trim on Feather Crafts in the TN area. At least six that I know of and everyone seems quite happy. One fellow is seeing 33 mph on a 58 Rocket. 31 mph on a Vagabond.
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    vintage aluminum boats

    It is not as simple as one manufacturer being better than the other. Each have more desirable and less desirable models for the collector. Don't overlook Crestliner and Feather Craft when shopping around.
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    Post a pic of your Boat!

    1952 or earlier Duracraft Sportman
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    Identify this boat

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    Identify this boat

    Looks like an AlumaCraft Deep C rated at 60hp. Better photos would be nice.
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    1969 35ho johnson prop issue-

    In 1969 that pin would be called a drive pin and is made of stainless steel. It may be that the prop shaft is a little deformed around where the pin goes through it and needs a little shaping. The prob should have a rubber hub that provides protection when striking objects. These hubs can...
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    Comments regarding a post on re-entry steps/ladders

    It's easy to tie a loop or two in a rope to make a 'step up' for reentering a boat. It is what I do to reenter after going swimming.