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    Knott Waterproof Hubs

    I'm not sure what the setup is called, but I have a couple trailers with hollow spindles and a grease fitting on the end, covered with a rubber cap. All you have to do is remove the cap, and pump about 1/4 tube of grease through the spindle once a year. Flushes out all the old grease through the...
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    What battery to use??

    I purchased 4 of these to play around with, I had been watching them for a long time but had never seen them this cheap until now. The communication cables are not needed for parallel/individual operation, only for series connections. I spliced the cables on one pair and have been running my...
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    2004 Alumacraft Lunker

    I prefer to mount them at an an angle so the front deck is clear when they are stowed.
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    Outboard Mounting Bolts - No washers on Transom Bracket Side?

    Those holes are pretty precise and the casting is fairly strong, really no need for a washer. On some motors the lower mounting holes are slots for ease of adjustment, in that case you'd want a washer, otherwise there's really no need.
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    18 hp evinrude locked up marvel mystery oil?

    I don't think it makes a lot of difference. Any light oil will work, MMO, diesel, PBlaster, WD40, etc.
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    What battery to use??

    A single 100ah minimum.
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    New Boat! Picked her up this morning!

    To my knowledge you don't need a NMEA gateway or anything like that for the Smartcraft gauges. Should plug right into the 10 pin connector that comes out of your control box. Depending on how your current gauges are wired, at most you may need a splitter/junction box, but that should be it.
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    New Boat! Picked her up this morning!

    Get the Smartcraft combo gauge/tach instead of Vesselview. Vesselview does not give any real codes that will cross to anything that we can access. Only the dealers have that info. It'll only give you a vague generic code that doesn't really give any useful information aside from "contact your...
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    Vehicle Trailer Lights - Work...but not on New Boat?

    Same. I feel like the round 7 pin plugs are more durable, seems like the flat plugs only last a couple years before the pins break or become too corroded to make a good connection. Plus it's easy to swap or replace a round connector if you ever need to, the wires are held in place with screws...
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    Add hardener to paint?

    That would be an excellent question for the paint manufacturer. Not just trying to be a smart ***, but they will be the best source for that info.
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    Vehicle Trailer Lights - Work...but not on New Boat?

    I would suspect a bad ground on the vehicle side. Perhaps the only connection you're getting is through the ball, may work fine on the old one but not the new one with fresh paint in the hitch. I'd say the thing to do would be to load test each function with something like a headlight bulb that...
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    Worms Anyone?

    I seldom mess with crawlers anymore. They are the least maintenance of all live bait, but still a lot of added hassle, remembering to move them in/out of the boat, bringing a cooler and ice to keep them from overheating, etc. There are a ton of soft plastics out there for panfish that work...
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    Mercury 60HP Bigfoot on Pontoon Prop Pitch

    If I remember right the Bigfoot motors have a different gear ratio in the lower unit that allows them to spin a larger/higher pitch prop for heavy loads. A 60hp Bigfoot will take a similar diameter prop as a 90hp+ standard outboard.
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    DIY Livewell?

    I did not, I did want to try that at first but found the benches to be too shallow to make a good livewell in that boat, as I recall they were only 8" deep. I ended up extending my front deck and put the livewell between the second and third benches.
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    DIY Livewell?

    I made one out of a Plano sportsman's trunk. Worked just fine.
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    As Dale mentioned, water in a livewell will always equalize to the water level outside the boat. Position of the actual drain fitting makes no difference, height of the livewell in relation to the outside water level is what matters. So aside from there being a restriction in the drain hose...
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    Bad battery or charging issue?

    You probably just discharged it while having issues restarting. As mentioned a charged battery should read 12.5+ resting, charge yours up and I'm sure it'll be fine. As Dale mentioned, you will not get much, if any, charging current at idle. And even at speed it is likely less than 10 amps...
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    12V - 55# - Group 31DC - Approx. Run Time on 16' Alumacraft

    For your use 24V is the only way to go. Aside from the added thrust, they are more efficient, and not just because they have two batteries, resistive loss is halved. For trolling you will need two batteries anyway. I would try to negotiate with the dealer before the 12v motor is considered...
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    AlumaCraft vs MirroCraft

    It can certainly be done. Would be a little tough to find a boat that size with a side console but they do exist. I have seen one console rig that was a pull start but it made for a pretty tricky starting sequence. You would need to find or build a console first, then measure for your cables...
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    17 Ft. Lowe deep V leak

    You can cork the livewell drain from the outside and dump a pail of water in the livewell. If water starts running into the bilge then you know it's in the drain line.