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  1. JL8Jeff

    Outboard Mounting Bolts - No washers on Transom Bracket Side?

    I found some pictures of my boat (it's currently in the water) and it has small washers on the motor/bracket side and I know it has big washers inside. The lower bolts are inward and the upper bolts are outward.
  2. JL8Jeff

    So Close! What to do?

    Our ramp is private for our boat club and it's 1 boat at a time so it doesn't get too crazy. It does have a shallow section but depending on the river level, it drops down a bit when the river is lower. I always end up walking into the water, I'm used to it. But my boat stays at a dock most...
  3. JL8Jeff

    So Close! What to do?

    Bummer that the boat won't work for you, but I can understand where you're coming from. I can move my 1652 around a bit here and there but any regular amount of movement would get old quick and bother my wrists and back. I wonder if that decking on the boat increased the forward weight quite a...
  4. JL8Jeff

    So Close! What to do?

    It looks like the axle is too far back making for too much weight on the tongue. You should be able to move the axle forward with the boat off of it. You should also be able to convert to wooden bunks from the rollers, I did that with my trailer and my boat sits lower and is much easier to...
  5. JL8Jeff

    So Close! What to do?

    It doesn't look like that jack plate is needed, it doesn't look like it's lifting the motor higher than the transom. Maybe the PO just wanted the tiller handle farther back for comfort. Take a picture of the motor tilted all the way down so we can see what the height on the boat looks like.
  6. JL8Jeff

    So Close! What to do?

    Do you think you will still use the workbench when the boat is in the garage? It looks like you would need to move the boat to really use the workbench. I think the trailer hinge with it at an angle is your best solution, that way you keep the bench and just move the boat if you need to use...
  7. JL8Jeff

    So Close! What to do?

    I cut about 6-8" off my tongue and still have to remove the coupler to fit it in the garage at an angle. But that's only during the winter, my boat stays in the water at a dock from Apr through Oct. I put a hinge on one of my boat trailers to fit it in the other side of the garage and that...
  8. JL8Jeff

    This time of year drives me nuts!

    I've been out 7 times in the last 2 weeks but like you said, the wind has been annoying for the last 3 months! It's really not worth fighting the wind, especially if the water is cold. Every time I try to go out on my mountain bike, we have 10-20 mph winds which make for a tough ride. I try...
  9. JL8Jeff

    Madden Cruise, lots of bow steer

    I had to add the transom wedges on my Lowe 1652 VT but I have a mod-v tunnel jet hull and it would porpoise without the wedges and being tucked all the way in. If I trim it out a little when I'm by myself, I will get a lot more spray. When I have people in the boat with the weight up front, I...
  10. JL8Jeff

    GREAT Site for replacement decals for Boats or OB Motors~!

    That is pretty cool. But I didn't see my 1994 Mercury 60/45 jet decals and I've never seen them anywhere, so I know they are rare.
  11. JL8Jeff

    Newbie questions

    You may still want to get one of those hose fittings so you can run it at home on the hose. What size boat are you running it on?
  12. JL8Jeff

    2022 G3 17' CCJ - Rigging

    What brand are the sideplates or "wings"? I was thinking about adding them.
  13. JL8Jeff

    Unexpected Approval

    That's good to hear. I thought you were gonna say your wife gave you unexpected approval to get a new boat! :)
  14. JL8Jeff

    Aftermarket Outboard Regulator: Charge Current

    Like mentioned, keep an eye on that regulator/rectifier. I tried one of the cheap ones and it lasted 1 day before going bad. I went back to oem and then CDI.
  15. JL8Jeff

    Adding Cowl Trim Switch

    Looks good, I wonder if you really needed to connect the red wire or not. I know both my trim switches work without the key in and I didn't connect the red to the cowl switch. You may want to disconnect the red wire and see if both switches still work.
  16. JL8Jeff

    Slight popping sound when going up on plane

    I've had the popping noise on my fiberglass 15' with a 40 hp prop motor, my aluminum 16' with jet outboard and heard it from other boats with fiberglass inboard jets. That's mainly why I think it was fuel related. I could feel the "miss" or loss of power while it was popping as well so maybe...
  17. JL8Jeff

    Slight popping sound when going up on plane

    I get that once in a while with my Mercury. I think it's either water in the gas or air getting into the fuel line. Try disconnecting and reseating the fuel line at each end and look closely at the o-ring to see if there is any sign of air bubbles. I do run a water separator and I still get...
  18. JL8Jeff

    Adding Cowl Trim Switch

    I looked at my motor today and I just have the blue/white wire and the green/white wire plugged in. My red wire is not connected to anything. But I have the cowl switch and the trim switch on the controls at the center console so it might be getting power from the main wire harness. My cowl...
  19. JL8Jeff

    Adding Cowl Trim Switch

    I have a 94-95 Mercury 60/45 that I added the power trim/tilt to and it had the wires/switch to the cowl as well as the wiring to the console so let me check in the morning to see what connections I used. I know the kit I got from Merc was for the later stuff so the relays are not in the right...
  20. JL8Jeff

    What have you been up to lately?

    Yes, it has the 2.7 V6 twin turbo engine and the 10 speed automatic. I haven't really gotten into much of any boost yet since I'm still breaking it in and most of my driving is around town under 45 mph.