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    Paint Stripper ?

    Found video's interesting.
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    Oars & OarLock Questions

    With my luck am planning on adding oars. Even with a new motor I can just see myself stranded. Pinned oars makes sense to me.
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    Free boat

    Two things that are never free. Motorcycles and small boats.
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    New guy

    Slow progress. Really having a hard time standing for any length of time. Both hips really weak. Keeping at it slowly.
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    1978 Starcraft 14ft

    Ditto. The red looks sharp.
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    Is fuel line too long?

    Six gallon tank and live well going in forward part of 14 foot Lonestar.
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    Extra led lighting….legal or not?

    Open water travel I would not have them on. In a cove or backwater would not worry about it. I have seen boats lit up like New York skyline back inside of coves and backwaters on Lake Eufaula{OK} but open water travel most just run the proper navigation lights.
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    Free boat

    Are you planning on Painting It? If so I would drill a small hole at the end of crack and then seal it up West system aluminum repair kit 650k
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    bottom paint

    How easy was it to apply the paint?
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    Second hip replacement

    Visit with surgeon went well yesterday. Hips X-rayed and all is good. Have additional four weeks added to Physical Therapy. Still have some swelling in both legs but nothing like before. Bone grafts worked.
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    New guy

    Back to boats. All week have been busy going back and forth to doctor appointments. Next 4 days wide open. Got a 18 pack and about ten four inch wire brushes. Time to get make it happen.
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    Just got a "new" old boat. I think it's a 16' Lone Star, but nothing really matches up.

    When your dealing with old contaminated stressed out aluminum a patch is a wise choice. I have a small crack on my boat and it had been repaired with 650K epoxy and fiber tape. The patch was on the boat when my wife's brother bought the boat. So I know it was at least 5 years old and it did not...
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    Just got a "new" old boat. I think it's a 16' Lone Star, but nothing really matches up.

    So Mr WolframM how long have you been welding?
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    Just got a "new" old boat. I think it's a 16' Lone Star, but nothing really matches up.

    Welded up fair. After seeing your results may go ahead and weld crack on mine.
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    New guy

    2015 Rocket X special edition. 500 made world wide. { no 74} 2.3liter engine or 2300 cc sorry your a Harley guy 140 cubic inches. TFC is the new rockets and they suck. 3 cylinders, shaft drive, and yes water cooled. Cam upgrade, Expensive exhaust, ramair intake, and upgraded transmission...
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    New guy

    168 horse at 186 torque. Hips recover I'll be back on it again. Have A 2010 Fatboy but it is under construction.
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    Fishing License

    That is really screwed up. I spent the first 17 years of my life in California. Joined the Marines in 1975 and left California for good. Got out of the marines in1981 and got a job working oil fields in Oklahoma. By 1986 oil went bust and joined the Navy. Got out in 2000 and went back to...
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    New guy

    I inherited mine. Wife's brother died and left his property to my wife and I. He was really into running jug lines and used the boat primarily for that. Wife says boat had no leaks but after removing the paint figure the gluvit and West 650K would be a good idea. For a average 14 foot boat...
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    New guy

    The cost of used boats here in Oklahoma is ridiculous. Any boat that has been modified for fishing Is really off the charts in price. Some of the used boats that have been slightly modified with aftermarket parts are going for more money than the new ones.
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    New guy

    You can plan on a step by step process with photos.