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    Current draw
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    Ignition coil resistance on a 1985 Evinrude 70hp

    Thanks, Pappy.
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    So Close! What to do?

    I have both on my trailer and here is my experience. I installed the posts years ago and run my trailer lights through them. It definitely helps to see the trailer when backing to a launch. However, when at a ramp with strong winds or currents, I found the boat would "pivot" around the posts...
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    Best product to clean electrical connectors

    I use the Corrosion-X in the red can for electrical connections. It is a little oily to the touch, but not too bad. I also have the CRC Corrosion Inhibitor product, which I think is less oily. I've used the Corrosion-X in the green can for my leaf springs. It's a spray but comes out as more...
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    Ignition coil resistance on a 1985 Evinrude 70hp

    I have a 1985 70hp Evinrude that has been difficult to start lately. Once started, it restarts without problem and will restart without problem for multiple days. If it sits for a couple of weeks, it's hard to start. It is getting gas and I've tried starting fluid in the carbs, but no change...
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    What battery to use??

    Minn Kota is recommending a minimum of 50ah because a 55# thrust trolling motor will draw approximately 50 amps at wot. If you draw more amps than a lithium battery can provide you risk damaging the battery. So it's not about how long you can run a a trolling motor, but the maximum amperage...
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    Best product to clean electrical connectors

    I typically fish in brakish saltwater. I've been using Corrosion X in the red can for years and have had good luck. I haven't had a reason to clean or brush electrical connections. Just my opinion and your results could vary.
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    Vehicle Trailer Lights - Work...but not on New Boat?

    I would guess it's a ground problem since it's always a ground problem - possibly in the 7-pin connector. Your troubleshooting indicates it's a ground problem because troubleshooting a ground problem can make the pope say "aw s**t". Good luck.
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    Storage box hinge recommendations

    I found a single-offset stainless steel hinge on ebay. The challenge was finding a steel single-offset. Wasn't cheap, but will last as long as I'll need it.
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    Storage box hinge recommendations

    I'm rekindling my old thread to show the final product. After multiple design changes, I decided to not extend the deck and make a lower (shallower) box. My knees aren't getting any better and this helps getting up and down from the deck. It stores enough smaller items to be useful. Thanks...
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    Spinning Reel Maintenance

    I've had the same problem with Symetre reels. I caught many fish on them but as they got a little age on them they would bind while reeling, but not all the time. Had it professionally cleaned, but still had the problem. Have moved onto other reels. I like the Daiwa BG - seems like a better...
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    Bought first boat - should I remove storage?

    Over time you will find you carry more items. Where to you put items like paddles, tools, emergency medical kit, extra PFDs, your tackle box, etc.
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    Life jackets/PFD

    If there is a strong possibility you may go overboard, you could tie a rope between two cleats on the boat and let it drape in the water. This would allow you to step on the center of the rope and climb back in the boat. It's a recommended way to get a buddy back on board so the person in the...
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    Wire Wheel

    I can relate. I'm doing some of the projects I always wanted to do but didn't have the time when I was working. I consider working on my boat as one of my hobbies.
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    Non-Skid Paint recommendations?

    An expensive option, but good stuff, is TotalTread by TotalBoat (Jamestown Distributors). Grips well and not rough.
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    Sealant for transom bolts

    Just curious. Are you saying 4200 has better holding power than Life Caulk? I've never used Life Caulk, so I have no frame of reference.
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    Sealing bolt holes in transom ?

    316 stainless steel is recommended for marine environments. 304 is not a bad choice. Some information at the link below on 304 vs 316. The more corrosion resistance, the less magnetic. Neither 304 or 316 are magnetic. 316 stainless steel differs from 304 stainless steel because it contains...
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    small/light starting battery options for engine/sonar/lights?

    There is a great deal of misinformation about lithium batteries in this thread. Marine lithium batteries are LIFePO 4 and are are lithum phosphate batteries that are not subject to the same problems as lithium polymer and lithium cobalt batteries. They are different batteries than used in EV...
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    Storage box hinge recommendations

    I checked again and some are only $15 more. I don't disagree with you. I'm checking on one to see what type of steel is being used. My reasoning for 316 is for a few bucks more, and the amount of effort to rebuilt this box, I thought it was worth the extra bucks. It's likely I will only be...
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    Storage box hinge recommendations

    Maybe $20 or $30 more for 316 for a typical piano hinge 48" in length. But I found some titanium piano hinges that run $300 to $400. Thought that was interesting.