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    2x4 Bunk Covering

    You could buy those synthetic / plastic wood looking porch & deck boards. Precolored Make sure it is only plastic in them !!! Scrap paper & cardboard & wood chips WILL ALL MOLD forever.
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    Tin boat recommendations

    Imstill have and use my old 1970 Lowe' 1648 with a 30 hp 2 stroke. Riveted all over. Never a leak. Can not continue to type !!! Good Bye !!
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    riveting leaky jon boat

    Riveting VERY OLD ALUMINUM is touchy.
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    Cracked ribs in large boat questions

    Next time adjust the air pressure & distance. It will allow welding. Allwelder brush clean weld areas before welding. I use a S S wheel.
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    Does 2 inches really matter?

    The numbers mean nothing. Only the shape in the water cou nts Site is still erratic.
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    Wiring Diagram Symbol

    Monday at 2:21 PM posting of that red arrow is the symbol used to indicate a DIODE. It is used for any type of logic in controls. They can be inserted in a wire with just shrink wrap around them. Some are used across D C current relays to prevent surges from damaging computer switches. They...
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    Hull Design Consideration for 14' Utility Boats

    Excellent of old designs are better. 👍 😂
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    Project time !!

    Start or finish the conversions / updates / repairs. Ice out is coming. 👍
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    Hull Design Consideration for 14' Utility Boats

    You kayak guys are always feeling the slightest roll & correcting for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to adjust to a slower rolling motion. It will not flip over and require a underwater escape. 👍
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    93 40hp Mercury

    First rule of buying ANY NEW or USED boat / engine ? ASSUME there are incorrect parts through the motor AND gas tank. Like wrong spark plug. pull & look at the plugs for anything odd like color or oil. Ratty spark plug wires not fully inserted on things. Fuel filter change or install one. DO...
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    Cracked ribs in large boat questions

    If you are just going to carry about 4 to 6 in unexpected rough water ? salt & fresh water ? With at least 1 or 2 WALK THRU bulkheads ? Copying a modern 24' aluminum boat layout is REQUIRED !!!! Web posting by the DIY 16' guys is not recommended !! What use are you planning ? Or just a quick...
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    Bass Tracker 165 Wiring

    A accurate list of all electrical items would help us to help you ?
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    Surface prep?

    Taking paint off of THIN Aluminum always panics me. .040" or .060" super thick soft aluminum. I have done 2 with very fine sand blasting. It knocked the crummy paints off & left a rough surface for primer.
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    12foot project. The NX-1236

    Do not remove any bottom Aluminum !! You will need all of it to prevent leaks when sliding that boat on rough surfaces.
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    1994 Spectrum 16 Sport Rebuild? - Bouncing ideas around

    Taking out all the weight & putting on a maximum 70 hp is a racing boat.
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    Water absorbing foam below deck

    So all marine foams that are supposed to keep your water filled boat afloat. DO NOT have to ? Terrific USCG safety standards. Bless the management.
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    Water absorbing foam below deck

    The USCG DOES NOT inspect any production standards ACTUALLY being done at all in the factories. How else does so many boats have soaked foam ? The standards are for Brand NEW FOAM Not someting installed in a 2 year old boat with no rain protection.
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    Bent Skegg

    Do not want a hairline crack that is not detected. You would need to check oil regularly for milky color. Me ? Not worth the risk. Nothing or a good replacement part.
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    How much $, is too much $, to put into a small tinny?

    NADA is the lower price a dealer pays for anything !!