Shimano Curado 70

Shimano introduced a new reel this year called the Shimano Curado 70. The Curado has always been a decent reel for me so there is always 1-2 in my arsenal. I have had many different models of the curado dating back 25+ years. New does not mean better, so time will tell if this reel will be a winner. I am going to highlight a few of the specs I found on the Shimano website that describe the new Shimano Curado 70.

Shimano Curado 70


  • Hagane Body – Durable, 6.5 ounces
  • SVS Infinity – Wide Brake weight
  • S3D Spool – Shimano Stable spool Design, reduces Vibrations
  • X-Ship – Gear support for enhanced casting with lighter lures
  • 10lb drag – Typical lame drag offered on the Curados

Curado Description:

This was taken right from the Shimano site:

For 25 years now, the Curado continues to be the go-to baitcasting reel for bass and walleye, red fish and trout. Now offered with a new compact Hagane Body and a new model size perfect for pitching, flipping and casting lighter lures, the Curado 70 also features an enhanced SVS Infinity braking system designed for finesse and flipping techniques. X-Ship Technology provides even more smoothness and durability – just as anglers have expected from Curado reels for more than two decades. 

Jim’s Final thoughts:

Is it worth $200? In my unprofessional opinion… I would pay no more than $125 for this reel, but that’s just me. I would probably look at an Abu Garcia with the better drag for less money. The Curado has always been a decent reel, but the price keeps on going up for what I consider cosmetics. Give me your thoughts and comments on this new reel.

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3 thoughts on “Shimano Curado 70

  1. Shimano has become a budget brand at a luxury price.
    I sold my 10-year-old Curados and went to nothing but Abu Garcia and I spent half the price as the Curados on those and they are much better.

  2. I am not a pro or a tournament guy. My favorite local black bass water is also a seasonal home to stripers and salmon. It is a hell of a rush flip a pig and jig on a 5 1/2′ rod, and have a 30# striper whack it. It is no fun to have a 30# striper or a 40# salmon spool you because of a crappy drag.

    I booted Shimano and Lew’s reels to the garage sale rack, and put Abu-Garcia round reels on all my baitcaster rods many years ago, and never looked back. They work, they don’t break and they land fish…10# bucketmouth, 7# smallie or 28# striper. I just wish they were still the same price today!

  3. My oldest Curado is a cu-200 that is about 20+ years old, and with that goes several 200E5 & E7 reels, some 200I and just bought a 70 XG. Glad I don’t have to settle for less.

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