SpiderWire sunglasses

I purchased a pair of Spiderwire sunglasses because I misplaced the sunglasses I had. Finding a good pair of sunglasses is hard to do. Finding polarized sunglasses that will not break the bank is even tougher. Cruising through the fishing section of my local Walmart I came across a display of Spiderwire sunglasses. My first impression was that they looked sporty and “cool”. My second impression was that these were going to be junk because of the $15 dollar price tag. Having spent hundreds of dollars on shades previously, I was done with dishing out that much money. I have dropped them, scratched them, lost them, and even have a couple of pairs sitting at the bottom of my local fishing holes. No more! I refuse to pay $100+ for sunglasses ever again. Save the drama about how important your eyes are for someone else.
I got home from Walmart and I gave them a nice thorough cleaning with lens wipe and a micro fiber cloth. The glasses were flawless. Fit and finish on the sunglasses is excellent and the ability to view underwater structure is very impressive.

I have been wearing them for about a month now and I must admit that they really are comfortable and I wear them every day on and off the water. The one minus I must give these sunglasses is that there is a reflective glare I notice while wearing them. It makes me feel that  the sunglasses are dirty, but it is only the reflection from my eyes. I only see this depending which way the sun is reflecting off them. When I wear a baseball hat, the glare is virtually gone. Would I buy these sunglasses again? Absolutely!  For $15 bucks I would keep a spare in my truck, my wifes car, a pair in the boat and one in the tackle box. There is nothing worse than not having sunglasses when it is sunny out especially when your on the water.

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