I’m going to start out by saying I hate the SPRO BBZ-1 Rat. When I say hate, it’s a love/hate kind of thing. For some reason I can’t catch a fish on it. I’ve had hits on it, but every single time I hook one on, the fish jumps and spits the lure. A couple of things I have noticed is the bait tends to roll to one side if you reel it in too fast. Also on the one I have, sometimes the rear hook gets caught in the joint which then makes it swim horribly¬†on that retrieve. I know it works, it just does not work for me. I’ve seen countless videos and pictures of monster fish caught with them. I’m using 20 pound braid tied directly to it.¬†What am I doing wrong? Anyone have any tips to share?

I’m not giving up on this lure just yet, I have too much time invested. I will catch a fish on it even if it kills me.

SPRO Website: Link

2 thoughts on “SPRO BBZ-1 Rat

  1. I have two of these SPRO rats – the first one of which I won through a random giveaway here on this site! I had success with it so I bought a second one of a different size and color.
    I also noticed that it rolls on retrieve, and that is due to the retrieve speed. I just had to get used to a slower-than-usual retrieve on my reel. While I’ve not caught monster fish on these rats, I have caught LOTS of fish on these rats. From crappies and bluegills (why they feel like hitting a giant rat, I have no idea) to bass in the 15-17″ range or smaller.
    Whenever I get frustrated with finicky fish, I put on one of these rats and I feel like it must intimidate fish into biting it! Seems to always work for me.

  2. I love the rat my rat is bigger than that one but I’ve caught fish on it day and night. I think Clinton is right it intimidates the fish to bite almost daring them.

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