Tackle Tek Nomad XP

I was at the Cabelas in Connecticut last week when I came across a Tackle bag that caught my eye called the Tackle Tek Nomad XP. This tackle bag is a lighted backpack with a USB Charger. You read that correctly, it has a built in 5000-mAh rechargeable USB power supply. How many times has your cell phone died while out on the water?  How about your camera? Say goodbye to those annoyances. The charger comes with a USB cable and four different power-adapter tips. There is also an optional solar charger to help charge the USB charger for an even longer “run time”. Another very cool feature built into this bag is an integrated three level LED light system that sits on top of a dual-function front pocket. This front pocket folds out flat, perfect for night fishing when you need to tie things on or need light to access small stuff in the pocket.

NomadXPSome other features you would expect from a top of the line bag like this include a molded sunglass case, five base pads to keep the bag off the wet ground, a removable pliers holder, and a self-retracting steel cable lanyard. The storage compartments themselves can hold four 3600 type boxes and two 3500 type boxes. Lastly, the bag comes with internal clear pockets to store maps, licenses and whatnot to keep important papers dry and it even comes with a protective rain cover that can be tucked away when not needed. Clearly Wild River thought of everything when designing this bag. I am going to take the plunge and buy this bag. I will give a long term review after I put it through its paces.

Check out the Wild River Outdoor Gear website here.



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