Power-Pole Micro Anchor

I was doing some research to see what was available for shallow water anchoring when I ran across the Power-Pole Micro Anchor. What caught my eye right away was the low price of $595. This price is not cheap, but out of what is available out there, it looks like it’s half the price of it’s competitor. Because I’m not here to reinvent the wheel I… ...Read More

Retractable Anchor pole

TinBoats member Frank R made his own Retractable Anchor pole and it came out awesome. What is cool about this, is that you can make one too for under $100. Lots of you guys like the idea of crafting your own things, so this might interest you. What I like about Frank R’s video is he shows you what he made, what he was thinking, and ideas for improvement if you… ...Read More

Low Tech Anchor Solutions

I have to give some credit to the members of this forum, they come up with some cool and inexpensive stuff to fix some very common problems that we have with our small boats like these Low Tech Anchor Solutions. This solution is pure genius. TinBoats member Ebug found a cheap solution to stop his anchor from bouncing around in choppy water!  Check out the link and… ...Read More

Minn Kota Talon

I like the concept behind the Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchoring system. On their website it looks like there are four models available that range in anchoring from six to twelve feet deep. I can’t be the first guy to want to put one on a Jon boat am I?  I think this would be perfect especially for the little ponds I hit. Check out this youtube video on the… ...Read More