Custom making Baits

Look at these finesse worms. There are some truly gifted bait makers out there making some awesome looking baits. If you like to try different styles and colors or simply want to make your own, you need to head over to to see and learn what is going on in the bait making business. I apologize in advance if I get you hooked on a new hobby. Ghost Baits 4.5… ...Read More

Blackhawk Custom Baits – Mongrel

I found a bait that I have never seen before and it caught my eye. I am no expert, I am not even a good fisherman. I do ok, but I would say I’m average to below average. It’s ok, I can take it. There are days though where I could be a touring pro, and there are days where I would want to break the rod over my knee. Sound familiar? When I saw this bait however, I knew… ...Read More

Spring fishing is on

Spring fishing is on. As you can see from the reports rolling in, the spring bite is on. Pictured below is a pig of a bass TinBoats member Captain Ahab caught while fishing a JDBaits Fat Boy. Nice job Captain!… ...Read More