NOCO Boost

I ordered a NOCO boost and it came in the mail the other day. I am hoping I never have to use it, but I also hope it saves the day when someones vehicle is dead in a parking lot. Full review to come soon, stay tuned for that. Until I give you my two cents on the product, you can read about it here:… ...Read More


I think I found my new battery charger. I am looking at the NOCO GEN3 on-board battery charger. This charger is a 30 amp charger offering 3 banks at 10 amps each. This is perfect for a 3 battery setup. NOCO does offer chargers from 1 to 4 banks, so they have you covered. The things that I really like about the charger is the claim that the charger itself is fully waterproof,… ...Read More

24 volt wiring

I got permission to use this article from Mark, the guy that wrote the article about 24 volt wiring.  This is a basic how to wire a 24 volt trolling motor. I want to thank him for allowing me to repost it here. I hope it helps some of you out. He Goes by Gama on forum………Enjoy! This is a post that I wrote for Mr. Stratos when he was doing… ...Read More