Booyah Prank Giveaway

It’s time for a very cool ¬†Booyah Prank giveaway here on If you have been a member of our forum or just an anonymous reader of our site and forum for awhile you will remember that I talked about the Booyah Prank, and that I was skeptical about it and it’s concept. But being a fisherman I was going to bite and buy one anyway. The coolest part… ...Read More

Booyah Prank

Here we go, there is a new player coming to town and it’s called the Booyah Prank. My favorite type of fishing is topwater, whether it be a popper or a frog, I will always attempt a topwater bite every time I go fishing. I really can’t tell if I will like the concept of the new Booyah Prank. A top water popper with a lip? I am not feeling it. Of course I will have… ...Read More