Seaguar flippin’

Catch a fish or catch a fisherman? That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I saw Denny Brauer on TV pitching Seaguar flippin’ fishing line. I get it, he’s paid to push product and it’s all about marketing. Does it work? Sure, I was interested, I did some google searchingĀ andĀ I hit the Seaguar website. Low and behold, this is what I… ...Read More

Berkley Nanofil

There is a new line coming out soon and it is called Berkley Nanofil. Supposedly this is going to be the line of all lines. It is going to be super round and super thin. Will it be marketed for spinning reels? Initial reports is that it can cast a mile. It looks white on the spool but clear off the spool. I can not wait to get my hands on this new line. I have read that it will… ...Read More