Bass Blitz in the Winter

Only the hardcore fish during the winter. Tin boats member Fish Devil is hardcore. Would you fish the day after Christmas in cold weather up north?  Only a few are willing to brave the elements in pursuit of the largemouth bass. Read the full report by clicking here.  … ...Read More

Winter Bass Fishing

Can you catch bass during the Winter? Of course you can. Watch TinBoats member bassinRN kill them on Blade baits on December 30. Videos like this allow us to make it through the winter.   {youtube}VNmHRyvEl0Q{/youtube}… ...Read More

Black Dog Shell Cracker G2

Here is a swimbait that caught my eye, the Black Dog Shell Cracker G2. I like the action of this bait and I like the fact that it is only 1.5 ounces. No special equipment needed for this bait. I will probably use my 7’6 Extra Heavy Jig rod for this. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Do you have this bait? Let me know what you think of it. Take a moment… ...Read More

SpiderWire sunglasses

I purchased a pair of Spiderwire sunglasses because I misplaced the sunglasses I had. Finding a good pair of sunglasses is hard to do. Finding polarized sunglasses that will not break the bank is even tougher. Cruising through the fishing section of my local Walmart I came across a display of Spiderwire sunglasses. My first impression was that they looked sporty… ...Read More

First Fish of 2012

TinBoats member SVOMike86 broke the ice for 2012 by catching this monster Bass. With no scale in hand we assume that this fish is between 4-5 pounds. What a way to start the season! If your a member, you can read about his fishing trip and what he caught this pig of a bass on here.… ...Read More

Rebel Frog-R

Leave it to Rebel to come out with a new frog  this year called the Rebel Frog-R. There is something to be said about fishing topwater frogs, and one that cost under $5 is awesome in my opinion. From what I have read, this lure has spook type side to side action if you work the rod tip. I am looking forward to fishing this lure. These lures are 2 inches long and weigh 3/8oz.… ...Read More