Pflueger President review

I was on the hunt for a new spinning reel so I asked the members of our trusty forum for a recommendation. The only criteria for me was a set price, and it had to be under $75. I have more expensive reels, but I knew I could get a solid reel for below the $75 price point. After reading the member recommendations and doing a boat load of online research, I settled on the Pflueger… ...Read More

Lucky Craft Keroll Max

Another popper to add to my list. Obviously a knock off from the classic Jitterbug but still one I want to try. Below is a youtube video of the¬†Lucky Craft Keroll Max, check it out and let me know what you think? ¬†Winner or another lure that just sits in the box and collects dust?… ...Read More

9 Pound Smallmouth Bass!

Are you kidding me? This fish is a pig! For sure a fish of a lifetime. We know smallmouth bass are one of the best fighting fish out there, imagine one that is 9 pounds. Congrats man! Eric Haataja (Plano/Frabill Pro staffer) and Ben Royce (Plano Synergy Pro Staff Coordinator) caught a giant smallmouth bass in Southern Wisconsin on May 16th, 2014. It was caught on… ...Read More

Rapala Scatter Rap

Rapala has a new lure and concept coming out that might just change things in the lure industry called the Rapala Scatter Rap. The Rapala Scatter Rap series of lures uses a new unique lip called the scatter lip. The Scatter lip is designed for Evasive and erratic swimming action according to their website. I cant wait to get my hands on a few to try them out. The Scatter… ...Read More

The Alabama Rig

The Alabama Rig is here. Is the Alabama Rig the next big thing or has it caught the fishing masses? I am not a fan of it for tournament use but for food I think it awesome. Trying to buy one can cost you anywhere from $15 to the unthinkable on ebay….for a bunch of wire? You can not argue it’s success though. I will pass on them for now and pick one up in the clearance… ...Read More

Think Tank Lures Triggerfish

A while back I saw a video of a lure that put me in awe. The lure is made from Think Tank Lures and it is called the triggerfish. I knew I had to get my hands on this lure. The issue was that they were still in development. Well, today I got an email from Ian Scott the president of Think Tank lures letting me know that they are now available. If this is not a lure to have in your… ...Read More