Muskies on a Bulldawg

I have been following JohnsfishingChannel on Youtube for awhile now and he just posted a video from last October catching a couple of big muskies on a Bulldawg bait. Take a few minutes and check out his video. Youtube Channel:¬†JohnsFishingChannel Bulldawg Baits:¬†Magnum Bull Dawg Perch… ...Read More

Irish Whip Esox Baits

There is something to be said about the art of custom lure building. I was lucky enough to meet a guy named MuskySlayer96 from a Striper forum I frequent. His real name is Mike and he is one heck of a lure builder. On this particular forum he would post up lures that he would build and paint by hand. I can describe them until my face turns blue, but I will do them no justice.… ...Read More