Boat Seating made easy with the SliderG5

Here is a product that actually makes sense. For those of you with jon boats or v-boats sometimes all you want is a little more comfort for a day on the water. The idea behind the SliderG5 is a simple solution to a long time problem that deals with fixing the comfort level of good old bench seats. Anyone who has spent even a couple of hours on a Tin boat knows the first thing… ...Read More


I don’t know about you, but I hate buying things that break easily, don’t work well, or are just a pain to install. That’s not the case with the SliderG5, as it is virtually indestructable, weighing in at around eleven pounds and machined from 12 gauge steel. In fact, when people pick one up for the first time they say things like, ‚ÄúThis thing… ...Read More