Fish Report – Big Stripers on Big Shad

TinBoats member H20hawgs captured on camera the first fish landed on his SeaArk 2072 jet jon. Talk about catching Big Stripers on big shad, this is no joke. Video was captured using a Sony HDR-Az1 mini. Not a bad little camera in my opinion, not bad at all. Good job H20hawgs, I hope it’s the first of many more. Read all about the report by clicking here.  … ...Read More

Rapala Scatter Rap

Rapala has a new lure and concept coming out that might just change things in the lure industry called the Rapala Scatter Rap. The Rapala Scatter Rap series of lures uses a new unique lip called the scatter lip. The Scatter lip is designed for Evasive and erratic swimming action according to their website. I cant wait to get my hands on a few to try them out. The Scatter… ...Read More