Lew’s Mach II Speed Spin

For 2017 I am taking a different path and deviating from my normal buys and I will be purchasing a Lew’s Mach II Speed Spin reel. I was always one to buy Shimano thinking the more I more I spent the better the reel. If you have been following this site for awhile, you will remember I took the plunge and purchased a couple of $59 Pflueger President Spinning… ...Read More

Pflueger President Limited Edition

As you know I am a big fan of the Pflueger President reel. You can read about my review of this workhorse of a reel here. While doing some research for a new reel on Pfluegers site I ran across the Pflueger President Limited Edition reel. I loved the colors of it, and the price point was exactly where I wanted to be. A limited edition reel for $20 more than the usual… ...Read More

Pflueger President review

I was on the hunt for a new spinning reel so I asked the members of our trusty forum for a recommendation. The only criteria for me was a set price, and it had to be under $75. I have more expensive reels, but I knew I could get a solid reel for below the $75 price point. After reading the member recommendations and doing a boat load of online research, I settled on the Pflueger… ...Read More