Motorguide xi3

Checkout the new Motorguide xi3. It will be available in 2018. The biggest points for me are the out of the box wireless control and their new Stow and Deploy mechanism. I’m not getting any younger, so anything to help me stow and deploy is a win in my book. Check out Motorguide’s link on the xi3. Thoughts on this trolling motor? Who has actual experience… ...Read More

Kipawa Trolling Motor Propeller Review

TinBoats member RiverBottomOutdoors did a review of the Kipawa trolling motor propeller he purchased. This is a real review and not a paid endorsement. So remember, this is his opinion and findings. I literally cut and paste what he wrote on the forum which can be found here. I recently replaced my POS Motorguide 24V 75# Varimax with a Minn Kota 24V 80# Maxxum.… ...Read More

Cabelas AGM Battery

I need to buy a new battery for my boat and I see that the Cabelas AGM Battery is on sale. I am not sure if there is anything special about this battery, but it’s on sale so that brings it to the top of my list. Something else I noticed while surfing the Cabelas website was that the AGM battery gets mostly great reviews. Since this battery is the only thing that is… ...Read More

Ranger RT178 Cut Away Boat

While searching for some information on Rangers line of aluminum boats I came across some cut away pictures of a Ranger RT178 aluminum boat. I was instantly in awe, and it looks like the boat I will seriously be considering for my next purchase. I contacted Pete Peterson from Anglers Port Marine to ask if I could have permission to use his photos on this site. With… ...Read More

Minn Kota Talon

I like the concept behind the Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchoring system. On their website it looks like there are four models available that range in anchoring from six to twelve feet deep. I can’t be the first guy to want to put one on a Jon boat am I?  I think this would be perfect especially for the little ponds I hit. Check out this youtube video on the… ...Read More

24 volt wiring

I got permission to use this article from Mark, the guy that wrote the article about 24 volt wiring.  This is a basic how to wire a 24 volt trolling motor. I want to thank him for allowing me to repost it here. I hope it helps some of you out. He Goes by Gama on forum………Enjoy! This is a post that I wrote for Mr. Stratos when he was doing… ...Read More