RTIC 20 Review

I am going to start out by saying I love my RTIC 20 cooler. For that reason I am going to do this really short RTIC 20 review. For my birthday my family decided to buy me an RTIC 20 knowing full well I wanted one, but I was just too cheap to pull the trigger myself.  The RTIC 20 is the smallest cooler of the RTIC line and retails for $125. If you are familiar with these kinds… ...Read More

Premium Cooler Market

What is going on in the Premium Cooler Market these days?  This is crazy if you are to ask me. Back in the day it was the old trusty Coleman. These days you have premium cooler companies popping up left and right trying to get you to shell out big bucks for something that is likely going to get stolen out of the back of your truck. Are they worth it? No idea, I’m… ...Read More