The Original BiCO Jig

Let’s talk about a lure called the Original BiCO jig. If you have fished the Original BiCO jig, carry on, you already know what this jig is capable of. If you don’t know what an Original BiCO jig is, It’s time to make this jig part of your fishing arsenal. The Original BiCO jig is different. It’s not a run-of-the-mill football jig, arkey or a ball type jig, it’s a completely different animal.

What sets the BiCO apart?

The Original BiCO Jig is a 3/8 oz lead-free bass jig designed to target bass in shallow water, either as a flipping jig or a swim jig. It was created by Bill Quattrucci Jr., an accomplished bass fisherman from Massachusetts who has spent the majority of his life working in tackle shops and fishing tournaments.

Bill is a well-rounded fisherman, but on the water his number one weapon of choice is the jig. He started fishing them at a young age, but the more experienced he got, the more he realized there was room for improvement with the jigs he was fishing.

So, with the use of his father’s metal casting shop, Bill began designing a jig mold that was custom made to his exact specifications. After meticulous testing and multiple design tweaks, the Original BiCO Jig was finally born.

He was extremely happy with the bait, it had everything he wanted in a jig–starting with the Owner Hook. Bill says most people don’t realize the importance of having a razor sharp hook on a jig, and in his opinion Owner Hooks are as good as it gets.

The BiCO jig is far more weedless than the jigs he fished with in the past. He designed the head to have a point at the eyelet so it would easily slip through cover. That in conjunction with a much stiffer weedguard than most jigs makes the Original BiCO Jig incredibly weedless.

Add the fact that they are made in the USA and finished with one of the best paint jobs you will ever see on a jig and you have one of the better made baits ever produced. Bill also has a new jig design that he just released after extensive testing called the Baccarac Jig. See the pic below.


If you’re interested in checking them out or getting some for yourself you can order them on They also sell them on Amazon, where you can read some of the five star reviews left by satisfied customers.

Amazon Link: BiCO Jig

My thoughts

Now is the time to step up your jig game. Head on over to the BiCO jig Lunker page and just look at the size of the fish caught on this jig. These are not fabricated photos. If you are from the New England area, and frequent the local fishing forums you know this jig and the fish it catches. If you are new to jig fishing and need some time tips like what kind of equipment to use, check out the BiCO Tips page. Chances are you already have a decent setup at home for jig fishing.

If you are a loyal member or a long time follower of the page, you know I have nothing to gain or lose or I disclose it. I never have anything to hide. The boys at BiCO are not paying me or sending me free stuff to keep, so my thoughts are mine. They did however send me 3 jigs which I told them I would giveaway…………

Giveaway time!

I can’t just talk about the BiCO jig without giving a lucky member or loyal reader an opportunity to get their hands on one of these jigs, so it’s time for a giveaway!  I was sent 3 BiCO’s and I am going to give all 3 away. All you need to do is reply with “IN” below in the comments and you will be entered. There will be 3 winners and the winners will be picked by June 1, 2017 using as usual.

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