'06 Merc 15hp 4 stroke Carb remove/replace Hints?


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Jan 27, 2023
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Katy Texas
I need to pull the Carburetor on my 2006 Mercury 15hp 4 stroke with remote console steer/throttle. I would love to get any helpful info, hints/tricks, how not to screw it up, etc.

1. My service manual tells me to get the Carb out I have to remove the whole Manifold/Carb/Silencer assembly - assume this is correct?
2. What parts do I have to have? I think I have all the gaskets - Manifold to Power Head Gasket, Manifold to Carb 2 gaskets, O-Ring Carb to silencer? What, if any, compounds do I need to use on the gaskets - RTV silicone sealant, gasket adhesive; and for O-Ring - silicone lube? Anything else that may not be required but would be good to have on hand - parts I might damage/break?
3. What do I need to pay special attention to or be extra careful when removing this whole assembly?
4. What other maintenance or part replacement should I do while I have this whole assembly out of the way?

Any other advice greatly appreciated

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