2007 TinBoats.Net XMAS Giveaway


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Nov 29, 2006
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Shrewsbury, MA
We here at Tinboats.net are going to celebrate XMAS all month long.

Welcome to the 2007 TinBoats.Net XMAS Giveaway. We are going to celebrate the 25 days of Christmas. Starting December 1, and going all the way to Christmas night I will be giving away a PCBAITS special bait every evening to a lucky member pulled from the same program I use to pull the member monthly drawing winner.

I PM'd Dampeoples and asked him to make a variety of baits for me. 25 to be exact. The questions started, what kind, what colors, how many of each. Without putting him in the loop, I just said make me 25 different kinds of baits and let me know how much I owe you, Be creative!
I guess he is going to find out now.

This is my thank you to all the active members, you guys are the best. Bassaddict said it the best, this is not like a forum, more like a club. I made a promise that this forum will not be like any other forum, and Im sticking to it.

1, Nickk - 1 package of MP worms - Junebug color, Garlic scent - sent 12/3
2, Shamoo - 1 package of "The Thing" Watermelon brown with red flake - sent 12/3
3, NicDicarlo - 1 Hidden Weight Spinnerbait 1/2oz. Sent 12/10
4, Fishincop - PCBAITS Finesse Kit sent 12/10
5, Waterwings - 1 package Buzz Frogs Watermelon brown with red flake sent 12/10
6, AnAngler - 1 package of 5" jerk Shads - White sent 12/10
7, Shizzy - 1 package of Junebug Crinclecut Worms sent 12/10
8, JustfishN - 1 package of SweetHogs Green with multicolored flake. (WOW!) sent 12/10
9, DocWatson - 1 package of MP worms Watermelon brown with red flake. sent 12/10
10, Bryan_VA - 1 custom painted PCBAITS Crank sent 12/14
11, Flounderhead59 - 1 package of 5" jerk shads in blue smoke pearl sent 12/14
12, Sporty - 1 package of Sweethogs Watermelon with red & Black flake sent 12/14
13, Fishin NJ - 1 Spinnerbait 1/4 oz. Pearl White with a #3 & 4 Willow Blade sent 12/14
14, jkbirocz - 1 package of "The Thing" Watermelon brown with red flake
15, little Anth - 1 package of Sweethogs, Watermelon with Black flake.
16, Esquired - 1 package of pcbaits jerk shads...Hot Pink.
17, Fishinsmylife317 - 1 package of Junebug BuzzFrogs.
18, Fishhog - 1 package of MP worms Watermelon brown with red flake.
19, Fish Chris - 1 package of Crinkle Cut Worms Watermelon with flake
20, whj812 - 1 Custom painted PCBaits Crankbait
21, Bassaddict - 1 Hidden Weight Spinnerbait 1/2 oz. Bass color 4.5 & 3 Willow
22, bassboy1 - 1 package of Sweethogs, Rootbeer & flake or New Penny & flake.
23, Redbug - 1 PCBAITS Finesse kit
24, smdave - 1 chartreuse 3/8 oz. Spinnerbait 3&5 Colorado blade.
25, bcritch - 1 custom painted rip/trap bait.

Captain Ahab

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Dec 12, 2006
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Bucks Co., PA
This is the best news I have had all day - thanks for making me smile

And you are better then Santa - becuase of the awesome baits.

Now, I just need to fix my snoopy rod and catch an eel :oops:


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Oct 24, 2007
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Atco, NJ
Mr. Jim, You are achieving your goal my friend, this is hands down, bar none, the best all-around site on the internet, outernet, fishingnet, hairnet or any other net you can think of, Thank You =D>


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Aug 4, 2007
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Yet another move closer to Ahab!!!
esquired said:
Now, I just need to fix my snoopy rod and catch an eel :oops:

I am currently looking for the said snoopy rod eel picture, thatll show ya lollol, but for now feast your eyes on this handsome young fellow


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