Just how good are Johnson brand pumps?


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Dec 12, 2014
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Eastern Mass
Now I don't have years of pro boating industry experience, but I sure have wired and/or maintained dozens and dozens to X 2-5 that of the many boats in my boating career. And I help maintain a small fleet of skiffs at my boat club (all in the water 24/7) so I'd bet a good percentage of that work was bilge or livewell pump replacements. I gave up on Rule pumps a looooong time ago ago, to where I opine, "Friends don't let friends use Rule pumps." Never had much luck/years with expensive Shurflo washdown pumps either.

After my older brother's Johnson Pumps livewell/washdown pump on his G-W gave up the ghost after 14-years of service ... and the failure was only due to the pressure switch, I started using and installing nothing but Johnson Pumps and their EXCELLENT high water bilge alarm (eField effect technology, no moving parts).

Anyways whilst offshore the other day, the 'new' crew hit my stern affixed livewell pump switch while cleaning the cockpit after a day of trolling, where the seacock was closed as we weren't bait fishing. Yes,this means the simple 750GPH dual-port cartridge pump was running 'dry'. Between where we were before starting for home and the huge headway speed area I need to trespass whilst on the way, I bet the pump was running for close to an hour 'dry' before I discovered it when putting the boat away.

As a rule I always close the seacock when heading for the barn, but now I'll add to it that I myself, 'el Capitan', will "clear the cockpit" before heading home, on any run. It had a 5-amp fuse inline and rates a 3-amp draw. Now the pump replaceable cartridge head was hot, the body warm and the wires? Not so much ... wow! For the price of %56 shipped, I'm going to just replace the whole darn shebang, as I don't fool around with any 'water entry' anythings, but I was sure impressed with that pump's dry performance!

Note they are also sold under the MarPac brand name.