Louisiana state/federal water boundry


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Jun 2, 2015
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Bedford Indiana
Been googling for a while read a few articles read the fishing regs. But what is the official louisana state water line for the gulf. I'm going down to grand isle this coming weekend to fish and I'm trying to figure out how far out we can go and be ok to keep red fish. Last year from some of the rigs we caught some really nice reds but let them all go cause we weren't sure as the regs book isn't to clear about how far out LA regs go in the gulf. I'm not wanting to keep every single one obviously I can't as state regs only allow one red over 27", but it would be nice to be able to keep one each if we make out to some rigs and get into some big ones like we did last year. The LA regs state this "Louisiana recreational and commercial anglers fishing beyond the 3 nautical-mile Louisiana gulfward boundary
are in federal waters." So where is the Louisiana gulfward boundry since we need to stay within in it so we are witin LA regulations I guess. I found this article little basic map picture is this correct? If so anything we fish should be with in the boundary and we should be good going with LA regs. Any clarification is much appreciated by anyone from LA or experience fishing there more so than myself. Friend and I made the trip down there last year to pick up his hull uncle J boats then fished for a few days. This time we are going to just fish and camp at grand isle state park if anyone will be around there this weekend and wants to meet or has any advice for feel free to pm me or reply. Any help is appreciated just trying to make since of what is rather confusing regs to me.