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Xray Tedd

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Feb 24, 2022
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Republic MO
As stated in my new member greeting card. This past summer I picked up my first bass boat. It's a 2000 Lowe 170 with a 70hp Johnson.

Although this is my first boat. I'm not exactly green to boats. Growing up, my Dad has always been in sales in the marine industry for boat parts. Recently retired from Wise seats. We've had a few boats in the past.

I got to take my new to me boat out twice last summer. Both times it ran great. While returning to the ramp on the second trip it started surging at full throttle. Me being a weekend mechanic decided to dig a little deeper and found water getting into the lower cylinder. After trying a few gasket replacements (all gaskets! Like top to bottom engine gasket replacement!) I decided to drop it off at the shop for a new block and rebuild. Wife still isn't over that part.
Missed the entire fall bite with the boat in the shop from Sept into Nov. I had a chance to take it out 2 more times since I got it back. There is still a fuel delivery issue at WOT. I'm working on sorting that out before the spring bite.

Things I've done since I've owned the boat (besides the engine rebuild).
New trolling motor installed.
New non slip off brand sea deck on the bow.
I've moved my Garmin CV4 plus over from my kayak.
New auto bilge pump and new aerator.
Lights for night crappie.
And a Lowrance elite 7ti.

I'll keep you all posted as progress is made to get this boat back into shape. Currently have the bilge emptied out for a good scrub down and to replace the pumps.
I'll try to add photos later. They're currently not wanting to load.

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Apr 13, 2008
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Nova Scotia
Nice boat, my son just bought a 18' stinger with the 70hp Johnson(suzuki).