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Feb 20, 2023
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Henryetta Oklahoma
Henryetta oklahoma
Ran into a individual in town towing the same boat I have. He came by the house this afternoon and we had a great conversation about our boats. He fish's lake Eufaula a lot so I was full of questions. Both boats are 1984 Lone stars 14 foot Mod/V. He agreed on outboard size says a eight horse power four stroke would be ideal. He runs a 9.9 two stroke Yamaha. Have been looking at a mercury outboard. Got to talking about how the boat handles and he says never had a problem. He mostly fishes solo and says the boat handles well even in open water. His live well is a converted Colman ice chest. So I got the make and model of the pump and plan on going that route. His paint job is black bottom and blue sides with the inside being a off light brown. Floor is a combo of light blue and brown carpet. I showed him my paint supplies and we both got a good laugh. Same color scheme just a little different shades. Great afternoon and really enjoyed it.