Vinyl Images Ruler Giveaway Part 2

Time to giveaway some cool stuff. I am going to give away one dozen 36-inch heavy duty vinyl stick-on rulers. You can put these on your boat, cooler, or anywhere you want to measure that fish of a lifetime. This is more than just a ruler, this is a lucky ruler. The next record breaking fish will be measured using this ruler, I have faith in you. Anyway, all you have to do is reply with “IN” at the bottom, and I will pick 12 lucky winners using our standard method… This will run until Mother’s day. Also, I do not do anything with your email, I don’t save them, sell them, or use them. I notify the winners then delete them.

These rulers, and all my decals are made from one of the best in the business…..Vinyl Images and design. Seriously check them out for all your vinyl needs like decals, wraps, and the best Custom boat lettering on the planet. You spent all that time and effort to build and customize your boat, and your going to use crappy, boring, same as everyone else, letters and numbers? Send John and his team an email and they will hook you up guaranteed.


Like any contests and giveaways here on all rules can change because.

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