NOCO Boost Review

I finally got around to using my battery jump starter, and this will be my NOCO Boost Review. I posted an article when I first purchased the NOCO GB30 stating that I would do a review once I got to put it to the test. You can read that blurb if you feel like it here. I want to start off by saying that I’m a little paranoid and a really bad “prepper”. But when it comes to electronics and batteries I am always on point. I finally was given the opportunity to put this jump starter to the test. My mother-in-law’s car would not start and I was going to come to the rescue with my NOCO GB30 and save the day. I connected the cables to the battery and turned it on, The GB30 stated 100% battery, I thought I was about to reach the promise land and be a hero. Guess what, I went from a potential hero, to a complete jackass looking zero. The NOCO did nothing, I hit the boost button, nothing, I unplugged it and plugged it back in….nothing. This thing was a dud. We called the local tow company who came with their battery charger, plugged it in and one second later my MIL’s RAV4 came to life.

I was so disappointed, the NOCO GB30 failed when I needed it the most. Glad I was not stranded anywhere in crappy weather. Needless to say it is now a nice paperweight that will charge my iphone. I say look elsewhere if you are looking for something that could possibly save your life one day. Jim gives this one two thumbs down, and I really wanted this to work. Does anyone else have one of these and what has your experience been?


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